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Support Videos

How To Use Boot Diagnostics

Boot Diagnostics is a simple toolset for checking basic functionality on your TigerStop. Learn how to access Boot Diagnostics in this quick video.

How To Replace Your Belt

Learn how to replace a TigerStop belt in this informational video. If you still have remaining questions, please contact TigerStop's customer service team:

How To Set Your Kerf

Learn how to set the Kerf on your TigerStop

How To Calibrate Your TigerStop

Learn how to calibrate your TigerStop for all versions from 5 onward.

How To Scale Your TigerStop

Learn how to recognize scaling problems and solve them - this includes keeping accuracy at near and long distances.

How To Check a TigerStop Motor

Learn a few techniques to determine if the motor on your TigerStop is functioning properly.

How To Set Your End Limits

Learn how to set the end limits on your TigerStop.

How To Make Cut Lists

Learn the four types of cut lists and how to create them.

How To Use TigerTouch

Master TigerTouch's features: offsets, how to set up optimized, push feed, set point, and pack/panel cut lists, as well as how to view statistics and save profiles.

How To Use Cascading Cut Lists

Learn how to use Cascading Cut Lists software to process ongoing cut lists at the touch of a button. Run lists sequentially and save operator time.

How To Use Backboard Optimization

The Backboard Optimization process could save your business an incredible amount of money through increased yield, productivity, and reduced scrap waste. Check it out now.

How To Use Bar Code Scanning

TigerStop's Bar Code Scanning makes it a snap to either build a cut list, call a work order, or simply move to position. TigerStop's simple and intuitive interface makes the whole bar code scanning process effortless.

How To Adjust The Flip Away

Learn how to remove and adjust the flip away on your TigerStop machine. It's easier than you may think and only requires a single tool.

How To Navigate SawGear's Keypad Options

Learn how to switch between imperial and metric on your SawGear as well as enter dimensions in both fraction and decimal form. You'll never have to convert between the two again!

How To Calibrate SawGear

Calibrating SawGear is simple to do. With the touch of a button, you can ensure that you are calibrated and ready to go.

How To Use SawGear's Crown+MiterPro Software

Using SawGear's built in Crown+MiterPro software allows you to cut complex angles quickly and accurately. Learn more here.