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Software & Hardware Solutions for MEP/HVAC

TigerStop + STRATUS by GTP

Benefits of TigerStop + STRATUS 

Attach a TigerStop automated positioner to your cut off saw in your fabrication shop and add STRATUS software. This dynamic duo is likely already in use by your biggest competitor. Features and benefits include:

  • Quickly and accurately cut material to +/-.004″
  • Increase yield
  • Eliminate the need for your tape measure
  • Only buy material as needed because re-work is eliminated
  • Custom part label are printed after each part is cut for easy labeling and sorting
  • Project Tracking from Estimate to Install
  • Enhanced workflows for VDC, Purchasing, Project Management, Fabrication, and Field Product identification
  • Standardized labels with QR codes
  • Error proofing – ensures out of date information is not used
  • On-demand information: pull a dimension whenever needed
  • Manpower level loading: plan your crew size based off the projects in the pipeline

Are you a mechanical, electrical, plumbing, or HVAC contractor? Do you have a BIM or drafting department? Do you have a fabrication shop? It's time to close the loop.

You can easily send 3D BIM Modeling cut lists to your tool and cut parts quickly and accurately while keeping track of completed jobs using TigerStop + STRATUS.


Perfect Solution for Any Material You Process

Carbon Steel


All Thread Rod (ATR)



Cast Iron

STRATUS by GTP + TigerStop in Action

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Perfect Solution for Any Operations

TigerStop + STRATUS by GTP

Fabrication Shop

Hanger Assembly


Assembly of Skids, Racks & Fixture Carriers

Sheet Metal Fabrication

Sprinkler/HVAC Fabrication