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TigerSaw MiterXL™ Parts

Pusher Miter

Part Number: PM

The Pusher Miter is an attachment for the TigerStop, used for pushing mitered material on a double miter saw. Watch it in action in the below video.

Tablet Package

Part Number: TABLET-PKG

TigerStop's Tablet Package includes a touch screen, a protective case, control stand (SMTCS), and cabling. It also includes three types of software: TigerLink 6 Cut List Downloading (DNLD), TigerSET (SET), and Dynamic Optimization (OPT).

Spare Tablet

Part Number: TABLET

Replacement TigerTouch Tablet. E0008

Standard Controller

Part Number: CON5

The controller (CON5) is the interface for most TigerStop positioners, and consists of a keypad and screen. CON5 is compatible with TigerStop, TigerFence (and SLR), TigerTurbo, TigerRack, and HeavyDuty 2. CON5 requires an Amplifier (AMP6 or AMP5) and is not compatible with older controllers or with SawGear stop gauges.

Controller Stand

Part Number: SMTCS

The Controller Stand includes mounting hardware and is used for both the Standard Controller and the Tablet Package. It is compatible with TigerStop, TigerFence, TigerCrossCut, TigerRack, TigerTurbo, and HeavyDuty 2.

Flip Away

Part Number: STOP2

The Flip Away is the external portion of the TigerStop carriage. It provides two T-slots for mounting various pushing attachments, and a hinged mount to allow the pusher to be lifted out of the way when necessary. The modern flip away is compatible with TigerStops built in 1999 or later (i.e. with the hinge mount behind the beam).