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TigerSPC™ product from TigerStop™

TigerSPC is a statistical process control caliper set designed to make quality control measurements up to 20 feet long....

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TigerFence™ product from TigerStop™

TigerFence brings speed, precision, and productivity to your table saw. It adds automation that can be controlled from one side of your saw and has a repeatable...

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SawGear™ product from TigerStop™

SawGear is a simple and intuitive automated stop (not designed to push feed) that easily attaches to your existing saw, drill, or punch. Free yourself from tape...

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SawGear Touch™

SawGear Touch™ is a simple touch screen controlled automated stop that easily attaches to your existing saw. It includes Downloading Software, Optimization So...

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TigerStop®can push, pull and position material up to 180 lbs. Turn your existing manual machine into a fully automatic lean manufacturing asset....

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TigerRack™ product from TigerStop™

TigerRack™ can push, pull, and position material up to 720 lbs. This rack and pinion style automated pusher is built for rugged and industrial environments. ...

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TigerTurbo™ product from TigerStop™

TigerTurbo can push, pull, and position up to 840 lbs. This high speed automatic pusher accurately positions material with its steel reinforced belt and operat...

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HeavyDuty2™ product from TigerStop™
HeavyDuty 2™

HeavyDuty 2 can push, pull, and position up to 2,100 lbs of your heaviest material, shift after shift.

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TigerSaw1000™ product from TigerStop™
TigerSaw 1000™

TigerSaw 1000™ is a fully auto optimizing & push feeding saw system for fast and accurate cutting of wood and plastic materials that won't break the bank....

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TigerSaw2000™ product from TigerStop™
TigerSaw 2000™

TigerSaw 2000™ is a fully automatic push feeding saw system for fast and accurate cutting of non-ferrous metals. Reduce scrap and increase throughput....

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TigerSawMiter™ product from TigerStop™
TigerSaw MiterXL™

TigerSaw MiterXL™ is the NEW & BIGGER fully auto push-feed saw system for mitering aluminum, copper, fiberglass, wood, plastics, and more....

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