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    Troubleshooting + FAQ

    How Do I Setup a Replacement Tablet for my Machine?

     Installing a Replacement Tablet


    If you have to replace the surface pro tablet on your machine and did not purchase it directly from Tigerstop there are a few different steps needed to get back and running. If you did purchase the replacement directly from Tigerstop, you do not need to re-download everything and you can skip to the end of this document.


    There are three main items we need to install to get back and running

    Tigertouch download (

    This link will take you to a search page where you can download the latest version of Tigertouch. You will want to download the full setup version (if you were previously running on Tigertouch 1.x, you will need to contact Tigerstop customer support).

    • First thing we’ll want to do after starting our download above is create an empty folder on the desktop, call it what you want, something like “Tigertouch Database” works fine.
    • Now, we’ll go to our freshly downloaded Tigertouch Full Setup file, extract it and run the installer.

    • Once the installer initializes, it will eventually get to a screen that looks like the following:

      • When we arrive at this screen, hit browse and navigate to our freshly created “Tigertouch Database” folder from step 1
    • After selecting your folder, hit Ok to continue in the installation process-  The first page that pops up is License Terms, check the box that says I accept the license terms and click next-  Hit next on the Microsoft updates page-  Let the installer continue until it gets to Feature Selection. Make sure Database Engine Services and SQL Client Connectivity SDK are checked and hit next

      • On the instance configuration page, ensure the named instance is SQLEXPRESS and click next
      • On the server configuration click Next
      • Next is the user configuration (see image below):
        • We are adding admin privileges for the database to windows user accounts here. It defaults to the current user account, but if you need to add in other user accounts, do so here.
      • Once you are finished with adding users, click Next
    • The SQL Server installer will now continue until it is completed. Once it has finished, hit close in the database installation window, then the Tigertouch installation should finish itself

    • Close out of the Tigertouch Installer



    Tigerlink 6 Install (

    This link above takes you to our download section where you can download the latest version of Tigerlink 6.

    • Once downloaded, navigate to where it was downloaded, extract it and run the installer
    • Once the install has been completed, it will automatically launch. It will try to connect to a Tigerstop, which is not needed on a tablet, so we will close out of the box that is asking us to configure a Lantronix device, then bring up the Tigerlink 6 user interface, which lives in the system tray.

    • Once you have the Tigerlink 6 user interface window open, we’ll want to make sure auto-connect is unchecked as well as CSV output only

    • Once you have ensured both boxes are unchecked, restart Tigerlink 6


    SeaCom USB-to-Serial RS232 Adapter Drivers (

    This is the drivers so the usb-to-serial adapter is recognized. On this page you’ll scroll down until you see

    Download this file and install it.

    You should now be able to connect to your Tigerstop again.


    Setting Tigerlink 6 up for your cut lists again

    *The below only applies is you were doing your conversions to .tiger files at the tablet itself, if the conversions were done elsewhere, these steps do not apply.

    Scenario 1 (if you still have access to files off the old tablet):

    • If you do have access to the old tablet still, you’ll want to grab your configuration file called CutListLinks from the old tablet and replace the default one on your new tablet.
      • To find this file, in the windows search bar type in %appdata% and hit enter
      • This takes you to the appdata/roaming folder, inside here is a folder for Tigerlink 6
      • Inside there is the file called CutListLinks.xml. Grab a copy of this and then place it in the same location on the new tablet, then restart Tigerlink 6.

    Scenario 2 (if you do not have access to files off the old tablet):

    • If you don’t have any access to the files off the old tablet, you will need to work with Tigerstop customer service to get your configuration file re-created or you can watch this video and attempt to do so yourself.


    If you have any questions on any of this, contact TigerStop’s service team at or 360-448-6102


    How Do I Change the Bearings for my Cap Guard on my TigerSaw 1000 or 2000?

    This document covers how to replace the linear bearings on your cap guard (also referred to as top cap) for a Tigersaw 1000 or 2000. The same bearing (B0640) is used for all three bearings, one for the front stabilizer, two for the rear. (Legacy systems only have the rear)

    *For starters, for your safety, turn off the air to the system as well as power.


    Front Pillar (uses 1 bearing)

    First, you’ll want to mark where your front stabilizing pillar (M9194) currently is so you can ensure you realign the pillar properly after replacing the bearings.

    Next, remove the two hex cap bolts (F1954). Lift the front pillar in an upward fashion to remove from the top-cap. The bearing will be attached to the front of the top-cap with four M4 bolts (F1005), remove them and replace the bearing (B0640 not labeled in schematic).

    cap guard 1


    Replacing the Rear Bearings (uses 2 bearings)

    To replace the rear bearings, first, start by removing the rear panel from the saw to access this area. If the back is not accessible, you should be able to remove the side panel but recommend to remove the back if you can.

    Next remove the 8 bolts that attach the cap guard to the guide bearings.

    cap guard 2

    Disconnect air cylinder from cap guard if required.

    Once removed, you’ll have just the guide rail attached to the rear pillar. You’ll remove the 7 bolts attaching the guide rail to the pillar, leaving you just the guide rail and bearings, slide the old bearings off and replace with the new bearings (B0640) and reverse the process to reassemble.

    cap guard 3

    How Do I Adjust My SawGear's Belt Tension?

    How Do I Adjust My SawGear Belt Tension?

    Before we get into how exactly to adjust your SawGear’s belt tension, let’s answer the question of why would you need to adjust your SawGear’s belt tension?

    The two most common reasons you would need to adjust your SawGear’s belt tension are:

    1. You need to access the bearing and pulley assembly that are at each end of the beam. If you do need to replace one of these bearing and pulley assemblies at the end of the beam. Please see our page on Changing a SawGear Pulley
    2. The other common reason you would want to adjust your SawGear belt tension is that over the years, the belt maybe start getting a little stretched from use and you may get some more life out of your belt by re-tensioning. You’ll likely want to consult with our service team before doing this to make sure this is the appropriate action for you. If you do end up adjusting your belt tension, you’ll want to re-calibrate and check your scale.


    Now, to actually adjust the belt tension, please see our video that walks you through this process

    How Do I Create Custom Buttons in TigerTouch?

    You can create custom buttons in TigerTouch.

    These buttons can be used to either:

    • Move to a position – For example, if you have a common position you continually move to
    • Add and Move – You can add a value and then move by that value
      • For example, if we’re currently at 50 and set a value of 10 for Add and Move. It will move to 60 inches after we press our button
      • This can be a positive or negative value to dictate which direction to move
      • Does not factor in kerf
    • Apply Offset – You can quickly offset your calibration in the positive or negative direction. To remove any offsets, hit the clear button
    • Apply Increment – You can program a button to increment by a specific value each time
      • Can be positive or negative
      • This factors in your kerf for every movement

    How to Program Custom Buttons in TigerTouch:

    • First we must launch TigerTouch as an Administrator

    TigerTouch run as admin

    • After the software has finished loading, along the top row, select Move
    • After selecting move, you’ll want to look for and click one of the little circles near the bottom of the page

    Click here TigerTouch

    • Now you should have a blank page where you can start creating your buttons
      • Right click on an empty button and you’ll be presented with the following menu options. Here you can choose the name of the button, color of the button the type of action as well as the value.
      • You can also browse to an image and have an image for your button icon.
        • Tested image formats: jpg and png

    Button menu

    • Here is an example of some created buttons. Once created, simply press them to perform the programmed action

    Button examples

    What Does a Home Error Stage Message Mean?

    My TigerStop is giving me a Home Error Stage message, what does it mean?

    The simple explanation is that the TigerStop failed to complete the home routine. It is generally displayed as Home Err Stg X, where X is the stage number.

    It runs through five stages as part of the start-up, home routine.

    1. The first stage is simply the initialization of the home routine
    2.  The second stage is where it actually starts moving towards the far end until it sees the end sensor
    3. Stages three through five occur once stage two has finished. It will move back and through the sensor again for the remaining stages

    The cause of a Home Error Stage message is almost always typically one of four things

    1. End Sensors
    2. Encoder
    3. Motor
    4. Amplifier

    We can start by testing the first two by going into the diagnostic mode.

    To access the diagnostic mode, you will want to start by powering off the unit via the red rocker switch on the motor box. Once power is off, you will press and hold down the yellow Program List button under the screen. While holding this button down, power back on.

    You will end up at a screen with two lines. The top line will show encoder counts, the bottom line will show any signals being seen.


    Testing Sensors:

    With the bottom line, we can check to make sure our end sensors are working properly. The signals seen related to the end sensors on the bottom line are as follows:

    • ME – If seen, this means your motor end sensor is being triggered. This should only be showing if your carriage is all the way at the motor end
    • IE – If seen, this means your idle end sensor is being triggered. This should only be showing if your carriage is all the way at the idle end (opposite end from the motor)

    A common cause of a sensor being seen when it should not be is debris blocking the optical sensor. Start by simply taking some compressed air, sticking the nozzle in between the dust strips along the back of the beam and blowing some air towards the corresponding end. The next most common cause is either a loose pin at the connector on the circuit board (power off and unplug before checking this). The next most common cause is a damaged cable or sensor itself

    Testing Encoder:

    Next, to check the encoder, you can simply drag the carriage by hand while in the diagnostic mode. On this version of Tigerstop (3.5-4.72), the encoder counts should climb rapidly in the negative direction the further away from your tooling you move and climb rapidly in the positive direction as you move closer towards your tool. Ensure your encoder is counting, then that it’s counting in the correct direction

    Testing the Motor:

    Please click here to go to our video on testing your motor

    Testing the Amplifier:

    Outside of visible damage to the circuit board (if inspecting, ensure power is off and unplugged before opening), there are no great tests strictly for the amplifier. It is a process of ruling everything else out. If you believe this to be your issue, touch base with our technical support team at 360-448-6102 or to discuss your findings and test results and we can discuss further


    Manuals + Downloads + Brochures

    Enable Your Machine

    To power up a brand new machine, you will need an enable code. To receive one, please scroll down and fill out the Warranty Registration Form in the next section. You will need to know your machine’s serial number to do so. Watch the below video to locate your serial number.

    Your enable code will be e-mailed to you by the Customer Service Department during business hours Monday-Friday 6am-4pm PST. Your machine’s warranty begins on the date that you receive your enable code.

    Warranty Registration

    Your machine warranty begins on the date that you receive your enable code. To receive an enable code, please fill out the below form and click the submit button at the bottom.

    TigerStop’s customer service department will verify your form and email you your enable code during business hours Monday-Friday 6am-4pm PST.

    • Each TigerStop, LLC product is warranted against defects in material and workmanship for a period of twelve (12) months from the date the product is enabled or the equivalent of 2080 hours of production use, whichever shall first occur. In the event that a product is not enabled within thirty six (36) months from shipment date the warranty shall lapse. If a product is enabled before thirty six months (36) and after thirty (30) months, the warranty shall be in effect until thirty six (36) months from shipment date.

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