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Sprinkler system
Hood with safety switch
Horizontal and vertical clamps

TigerStop Saw TSA 420 for aluminium and plastics

Cross-cut saw with TigerStop pusher for aluminium and plastics / synthetics. For your precise cutting of component with different sizes and shapes. Easy angle adjustment with several pre set notches for repeated positions. Easy liftable safety hood makes a quick set up and positioning possible. Includes liquid cooling system, vertical and horizontal clamping. Also available as full automatic push feed cross cut saw for straight cutting.

Accuracy .004 in 0.1 mm
Capacity 176 lbs 80 kg
Max Length 26 ft 8 meters

Why you need TSA420

The Tigerstop Saw TSA 420 gives you a large cutting capacity with a maximum cutting heigth of 145 mm. Manual adjustment allows you to cut material at angles between 30 degrees left and 45 degrees right.


• Two-hand safety operation
• Location points at 75°,60°,45°,30°,22.5°,15°,0°, both left and right
• Pivoting range from -75° left to +75° right infinitely adjustable
• Hydro-pneumatic saw feed
• Adjustable back fence for most effective use of the saw blade
• Adjustable saw blade feeding speed
• Manually opening safety guard
• Air gun

Fast, Accurate Angle Cutting

The sawing mechanism is mounted under a rotating table, this table rotates on its central axis thus maintaining the zero point. Setting the angle is done manually, several notches for angles are built in the table to make this process easy, precise and fast.


  • Easy to set the angle for cuts
  • Easy maintenance
  • Safe to use