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Automatic loading systems available
Large cutting capacity. The Tigerstop saw TS 800 is your partner for the bigger sizes.
The machine is suitable for almost any cross-cut job:

Push-feed Cross-cut saw TS800

The TigerStop saw TS800 is your partner for the bigger sizes, due to its cutting capacity. The machine is suitable for almost any cross-cut job like: solid wood components and I-beams for the building industry, wood panels, composite material, plastics etc.

Accuracy .011 in .3 mm
Capacity 881 lbs 400 kg
Max Length 59 ft 18 meters

Why you need TS800

The TS800 cuts all kinds of material. Thanks to its robust steel construction and electrical engineering it guarantees high precision cuts even when cutting sturdy materials. Thanks to its hydro pneumatic sawing mechanism a perfect smooth cut is easily obtained. Depending on the materials and finish needed, it can deal with clean materials as well as raw stock.
Dust extraction is done through two exhausts that makes sure the machine isn’t impeded by neither dust nor wood chips.
Of course as with any TigerStop system it is fully prepared for the digital world. And flexible so as to be operated manually should the need arise. Preparing and managing cut lists becomes easy. They can either be loaded from and office PC or the data can be put in manually using the TigerStop console fixed on the TS800.
Don’t worry about what you have in stock: The TigerStop can optimize your lengths on the fly. Once a cut list is programmed into the TigerStop control panel all you need to do is feed the material lengths and the machine will compute the best cuts to be done.
Be it for reworking large pieces of raw wood up to making a full set of cuts for timber the TS800 can handle it.


  • The TigerStop saw TS800 can be equipped with loading and unloading device
  • Optimise cutting on the fly
  • Handles rough wood

Laser Fault Marking

Optimization and defect marking system.
Unique system to mark wood defects fast and easy by interrupting a laser beam.
• No mechanical moving parts
• Easy correction of mistakes during marking
• Comfortable defect marking
• Length measuring
• Optimization with TigerOptimizer
• Priority configuration


  • Less waste thanks to optimisation
  • Processing Rough lumber