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Large cutting envelope to suit a large variety of applications
Can be configured to detect defects and length
Provides a smooth, powerful cut and extended blade life
Dynamic Optimization can nest your parts on-the-fly
All controls are up front for easy adjustment

The TigerSaw TS550 is a fully automated push feed, saw system. Simply enter your lengths and quantities, load and unload - That’s about it! Save money on material, labor and rework.

TigerStop Saw TS550 is the perfect automated saw station for cutting wood and plastics faster and more accurately than manual approaches. It will increase yields, accuracy and productivity at the best value point in the industry.

Accuracy .008 in .2 mm
Capacity 176 lbs 80 kg
Max Length 26 ft 8 meters


Save money on material, labor and rework.  With rising raw material costs, being able to efficiently cut and optimize your material can be your secret competitive weapon. The optional  Dynamic Optimization will save on material costs.  Being fully automated, the TS550 will increase productivity which saves on labor.  No more setting stops manually, simply enter your cut list,  and place material on the infeed.  The optional Handy Opt or Crayon marking the TS550 will scan the length of the board and where the defects are and automatically push into the saw. This saves on labor and reduces errors with a repeatable accuracy of +/-  0.2 mm.


  • Optimizes around defects using TigerStop’s Dynamic Optimization software, giving you the maximum possible yield while cutting only what you need.
  • TS 550 can  print a label for each part!
  • Fully automated saw system that scans and cuts defects using Handy Scan laser line marking system .


Your operators can put away their paper crammed clipboards and get a new level of productivity and visibility with TigerTouch, TigerStop’s innovative touch screen software. Operator can select up to 3 different grades or cutlists on the fly allowing them to cut multiple widths at the same time.



A unique feature of the  TS550 automated crosscut saw system is our panel layup feature.  Just enter the panel height and the total width of panel material required and TS550 will cut only what’s needed. No more over cutting or counting and measuring on the back end.


  • Extra Automatic Horizontal Clamping
  • Adjustable Saw Stroke Height
  • Adjustable Cutting Envelope


Dynamic Optimization

TigerSaw’s Dynamic Optimizing (nesting) will cut the parts you need while achieving the maximum possible yield.


Configured for your material

The large cutting envelope  makes the TigerSaw TS550  viable for many different applications.


Configure it to your needs

From a simple push feed system cutting multiple pieces at a time to a fully automated defect optimizing system, TS5501000 is your crosscutting solution. Can be configured to optimize between defects or cut on the mark for applications such as flooring or finger jointing.


Dynamic Optimization

TigerSaw’s Dynamic Optimizing will cut the parts you need while achieving the maximum possible yield. If your buying high grade lumber, TS550 with it’s ability to optimize around defects will allow you to buy a grade lower and still achieve approximately the same fiber yield. This could be as much as a 40% savings in material cost!


Laser line  Defect Marking

Simply mark the beginning and end of your defects and TS550 does the rest. All defects will be removed and TigerSaw will optimize all the material in between so you get the best yield.


Label Printing

TigerSaw  TS550 can be equipped with an label printer  that will print customized part information on each finished piece. This will allow you to batch like jobs and easily sort the parts on the back end.


Precision Length Cutting

TigerSaw  TS550 uses TigerStop positioning technology to ensure you get an accurate part the first time…every time.



From design to done, download your parts files to TigerSaw TS550 right from your design software. Any data such as job name or part# contained in your design file can be  printed on a label for each part.