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Touch Screen Control For Every TigerStop!

Any TigerStop can be enhanced with cutting edge touch screen control with TigerTouch™. TigerTouch can simplify any process by putting full control at your fingertips!


TigerTouch is an innovative software solution for fully automated material processing. TigerTouch operates on an easy to use touch-screen tablet interface and works with any TigerStop system for accuracy on cut off, punching, boring, and a variety of other applications. Saved offsets and importable cut lists means it is easy to train operators to make error free cuts.  TigerTouch provides a highly sophisticated visual representation of the operation, allowing for greater control and customization on the manufacturing floor. TigerTouch is equipped with the powerful and easy-to-use Microsoft Surface Pro tablet, with its large, 12” touchscreen.


  • Simple, user friendly interface
  • Easily imports cut lists in CSV file format
  • Can be used on any TigerStop positioning or pusher system
  • Supports automatic, semi-automatic, and fully automatic material processing
  • Easily add and save offsets for a math free operation
  • Works with TigerStop’s Dynamic Optimization software to find the best material yield and visually displays the optimization as it cuts
  • Supports label printing for easy identification of parts
  • Uses Windows drivers for printing, allowing the system to access any printer that a Windows system can access
  • Allows cutting of multiples or random width material using Pack/Panel. The operator can load and use, or manually create, Pack/Panel lists
  • Cascading Cut Lists allows operators to process cut lists in an ongoing sequence
  • Dynamic Pack Optimization is a brand new upgrade for TigerTouch allowing operators to optimize packs or bundles of material for the greatest yield


Dynamic Pack Optimization UPGRADE

TigerStop offers a brand new software upgrade for TigerTouch called Dynamic Pack Optimization.  Dynamic Pack Optimization optimizes entire packs or bundles of like-profiled material, rather than single pieces. It does so quickly and accurately while tracking material usage statistics data.

Dynamic Pack Optimization allows operators to achieve maximum productivity. It quickly calculates the greatest number of profiles an operator can load while achieving the best yield and preventing over-cutting of expensive raw stock. It can be used while processing metal, wood, composites, and plastics.

One Place for Everything

Download parts lists from your office design software to TigerTouch, then watch TigerTouch use TigerStop’s Dynamic Optimization software to turn that data into parts with custom printed labels. TigerTouch becomes the control hub for all TigerStop functions.

Process your parts in manual, semi-auto or fully automatic mode when used in conjunction with your TigerStop Interconnect Kit. TigerTouch can take control of any TigerStop product and turn it into a high tech work cell.

TigerTouch is also equipped with a feature called Cascading Cut Lists which runs lists sequentially, or in a cascading effect. Using the Cascading Cut List feature means the operator does not have to wait until a list is finished, choose the next list he wants to run, and press start. The operator can run successive lists, saving a tremendous amount of time. If material profiles change from one list to the next, Cascading Cut List software will notify the operator so he can feed the necessary material for the job.


  • Easy to use, new operators can quickly get up to speed
  • Allows you to quickly make edits to lists that are in process
  • Has simple offset buttons, the most common offsets are easily added
  • Upload an infinite number of cut lists that can be used for processing multiple widths and grades
  • Display 3 cut lists at a time for easy switching between work orders
  • Cut parts for 3 cut lists at a time when using Grade Marking and Laser Scanning on a TigerSaw 1000 or TigerSaw 2000
  • Allows the operator to see what he is cutting, before he cuts it, reducing errors
  • Running on Microsoft Surface Pro means TigerTouch will easily integrate into your windows environment and can be connected to your network for downloading cut lists or lists can be easily imported over the network or even using a thumb drive