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+/- 0.008 inch
Statistical Process Control
20 ft
Max Length
32 mm
Steel Belt Drive Type


TigerSPC is a statistical process control caliper set designed to make quality control measurements up to 20 feet long.


  • Equipped with high precision jaws that can be interchanged without the need for calibration.
  • Measures in fractional inches, decimal inches, and metric.
  • Working lengths from 0- 20 feet.
  • Anodized aluminum 6061-T6 construction.

Fast and Accurate Statistical Process Control Calipers


With a variety of snap in jaws, including Miter Jaws, Mullion/Muntin Half Lap Jaws, and the Swivel Block Attachment, you can change from holes to miters to overall measurements in seconds without losing calibration. All TigerSPC jaws and appliances are machined to ensure the same zero point, so no recalibrating for different setups is required.

Upgrading TigerSPC

TigerSPC can be upgraded to include a LAN transceiver that can send data to statistical process control applications.


Style and Design Meet Durability

TigerSPC tables are pinch free and designed from cold rolled steel. Choose from a wide array of styles and depths including steel roller tables, plastic roller tables, and 10° tilted tables.

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Upgrade to Touch Screen Control

TigerSPC Software

TigerStop makes it easy for you to upgrade your TigerSPC software. TigerSPC works with Windows 10 and other SPC data software available on the market.  TigerSPC's touch screen tablet works in both inches and millimeters depending on operator preferences and is simple to use, ensuring accurate measurements every time.

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Change Jaws Without Losing Calibration

TigerSPC Flat Jaw Set

TigerSPC's Flat Jaws allow the operator to measure the distance between flat parts.

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TigerSPC Half Lap Jaw Set

TigerSPC's Mullion/Muntin Half Lap Jaws are used to measure the center to center distance...

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TigerSPC Miter Jaw Set

TigerSPC's Miter Jaws allow the operator to measure the long side of miter cut...

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TigerSPC Swivel Block Attachment

TigerSPC's Swivel Block Attachment allows the operator to measure from hole center to hole...

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TigerSPC Videos

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TigerSPC is a configurable caliper set designed to easily make...

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TigerSPC Demonstration

Learn how to use TigerSPC, TigerStop's Quality Control Calipers for...

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Your Industry, Your Materials, Our Solutions

From local makers to large manufacturing plants, woodworkers to aerospace engineers, we know your business depends on your operators being able to be fast and accurate… every time. TigerSPC is great for the following industries.

Fenestration + Curtain Wall
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Aerospace Industry- TigerStop™
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Cabinetry Industry- TigerStop™
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Millwork, Molding & Flooring Industry
Millwork, Molding, & Flooring
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