TigerSaw Ferrous

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Can be equipped with a variety of TigerStop pusher systems
Accuracy to .010”
Can be equipped with a pneumatic material loader
Add an optional unloading station
Reduce your scrap by up to 33%*
Available with touch screen interface

Automated Column Saw System for Ferrous Metal Cutting

Ideal for cutting tube, pipe, bar stock, or any other ferrous materials. Combine this with TigerStops Dynamic Optimization on-the-fly nesting software, and you will have a lean, ferrous cutting work cell that reduces your scrap by up to 33% in some cases, and greatly increases productivity.

Accuracy .008 in .20 mm
Capacity 2100 lbs 952 kg
Max Length 108 ft 33 meters

Why you need TigerSaw Ferrous

Save money on material, labor and rework.  With rising raw material costs, being able to efficiently nest your parts into your raw material can be your secret competitive weapon. Being fully automated, the TigerSaw Ferrous will increase productivity which saves on labor.  No more setting stops manually, simply enter your cut list and place material on the infeed. TigerSaw Ferrous will automatically push your material into the saw and cut your parts. This saves on labor and reduces errors with a repeatable accuracy of +/- .012 inches (.3 mm).


TigerSaw Ferrous is a ferrous cutting column saw system for cutting 90° and miters in tube, pipe, bar stock or any other ferrous metals.  TigerSaw Ferrous uses TigerStop automation to speed up your production throughput. It can also be equipped with automatic in feed and out feed loading stations to provide a larger production boost. Combine this with TigerStop’s Dynamic Optimization nesting software, and you have a lean ferrous cutting work cell that reduces your scrap by up to 40%, in some cases.


  • Saw can cut miters from 60° left to 45° right
  • Processes in a fully automatic mode
  • Optional in feed material loading station
  • Optional out feed unloading station
  • Jog Mode
  • Calculator mode
  • Preset Function
  • Metric, Decimal and Fractional Inches
  • Part List Downloading

Optional in feed loading station

Optional Loading and Unloading Stations

Ferrous cutting saws aren’t going to win any contests for cutting speed. You don’t want to pay your operator to stand in front of the saw waiting for the cut to complete. That is why TigerSaw Ferrous can be equipped with an automated in feed loading station. The in feed loading station can be customized to suit the length of your stock material. Further customization includes separate fixtures to handle round bar, tube stock, square or rectangle stock.

Unloading on the out feed side of the saw can be accomplished in multiple ways. If you want your operator to unload manually, TigerSaw Ferrous can be configured with a flat table or a roller table. If your workflow and material will allow for it, you can configure TigerSaw Ferrous with a drop table that will cleanly drop the cut pieces down below the table level for collection. For a more automated solution, you can configure TigerSaw Ferrous with an automated, out feed system that can make unloading simple and fast.


Steel Cutting the TigerStop Way

TigerSaw Ferrous™ is a great ferrous cutting solution for 90 degree and miter cutting applications, tube, pipe, bar stock, or any other ferrous metals.

TigerStop Positioning Accuracy

TigerSaw Ferrous comes equipped with a TigerStop, TigerTurbo or Heavy Duty pusher system to achieve rapid, accurate positioning in a broad range of material length capacities. No matter what material you are cutting, there is a TigerStop positioner for you.

Increase Production Capacity

If production capacity is what you need, TigerSaw Ferrous™ can be equipped with a pneumatic material loader so you can just load and walk away.

Dynamic Optimization

TigerSaw Ferrous’s Dynamic Optimizing program will scan your entire parts list and mathematically figure out the best way to nest your parts on-the-fly.


From design to done, download your job files to TigerSaw Ferrous. Are you generating pattern cutting lists in the office? No problem! Easily send your custom pattern lists to your TigerSaw Ferrous.

High Efficiency Cutting Envelope

TigerSaw Ferrous’s fully automated, heavy duty and precision column saw gives you great cut quality with the flexibility of a large cutting envelope. Manual adjustment allows you to cut miters from 60° left to 45° right.