TigerSaw 2000

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Easily adjustable cutting envelope to suit any material profile.
Industry leading lube system delivers lubrication where you need it.
Can be configured to detect defects and length.
Provides a smooth, powerful cut and extended blade life.
Dynamic Optimization can nest your parts on the fly.
All controls are up front for easy adjustment and servicing.

Your Parts Cut Fast and Accurate...Every Time

TigerSaw 2000™ is the perfect automated push feed saw station for fast and accurate cutting of non-ferrous metals like aluminum and copper. It increases yield, accuracy, and productivity at the best value point in the industry.

Accuracy .012 in .30 mm mm
Capacity 2100 lbs 952 kg
Max Length 108 ft 32.9 meters


Save money on material, labor and rework with TigerSaw 2000. With rising raw material costs, being able to efficiently nest your parts or maximize your raw material yield, can be your secret competitive weapon. The TigerSaw 2000 is fully automated, which increases productivity and saves on labor. No more setting stops manually, simply enter your cut list and place material on the infeed. TigerSaw 2000 will scan the length of the material and automatically push it through the saw. This saves time and greatly reduces operator errors with its repeatable accuracy of +/- .012 inch (.3 mm).

The TigerSaw 2000 is an automated saw station that combines an exclusive spray mist coolant device that follows the blade with an air over oil system, to bring you a smooth, powerful cut and a long blade life.

It comes with an adjustable cutting envelope, so you can set the system for the material you cut. It can be configured to handle large pack loads with the TigerTurbo or up to 2,100 lbs. with the optional HeavyDuty 2.

Improved pneumatic clamping options prevent damage to fragile or sensitive materials. The available table configurations for TigerSaw 2000 are flat or back tilted to the industry standard of 10 degrees.

TigerSaw 2000 is easy to train operators on, easy to install, and easy to maintain.


  • Adjustable Cutting Envelope
  • Industry Leading Spray Mist Coolant System
  • Automatic Horizontal & Vertical Clamping
  • Easily Adjustable Saw Stroke Height
  • Can be Configured to Push 2,100 lbs.


The adjustable cutting envelope allows the saw arbor to be adjusted forward and backward, thereby giving you a larger cutting envelope. TigerSaw 2000 can be adjusted to accept 350 mm., 450 mm. and 500 mm. saw blades.


Unparalleled Cut Quality
We take cut quality seriously. When sawing, heat is generated at the teeth of the blade and then transmitted throughout the blade. Too much heat can damage the blade and yield poor cut quality. Having lubrication right at the point of heat generation will lengthen the life of the blade and provide a better quality cut.

Best in Class Dynamic Optimization
TigerSaw 2000’s Dynamic Optimization (nesting) will cut the parts you need while achieving the maximum possible yield.

Configured for Your Material
An adjustable cutting envelope makes the TigerSaw 2000 viable for many applications. The saw arbor can be moved forward and backward inside the saw. This allows you to create a number of different cutting envelopes from 5 in. x 6 in. to 1 in. x 15 in. with a 450 mm. saw or 6 in. x 6 in. to 1 in. x 16 in. with a 500 mm. saw blade.

Crayon Defect Marking
Simply mark the beginning and end of your defects and TigerSaw 2000 does the rest. All defects will be removed and TigerSaw will optimize (nest) all the material in between so you get the best yield.

Inkjet Printing
TigerSaw 2000 can be equipped with an inkjet printer that will print customized part information on each finished piece. This will allow you to batch jobs of the same profile and easily sort the parts on the back end. Label printing is also available.

Download your part files to TigerSaw 2000. Any data, such as job name or part number contained in your design file can be inkjet printed right onto you finished piece.


If you are running the TigerSaw 2000 at maximum throughput you should consider adding the AutoLoader.  The AutoLoader is an automatic infeed station that will increase machine efficiency and operator productivity.  It aids throughput without adding additional labor costs. The operator loads stock, either single pieces or packs/bundles onto the AutoLoader.   AutoLoader automatically indexes material into the saw, freeing the operator to perform additional value-add tasks such as sorting finished parts.  This can allow you to run the saw at maximum capacity with a single operator.

TigerStop's AutoLoader - Automatic Infeed Station