TigerRip 1000

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In feed retrofits onto almost any rip saw.
Can be an entire system, with saw included
Optional Return Conveyor for a lean rough mill work cell
Loading posts make it easy to load material.
Anti-kick back guard keeps operators and shop employees safe.

Rip for Yield

TigerRip 1000™ is the perfect solution for optimizing your rip yield in a lean production environment. Cut all your lineal footage requirements, including square footage for panel, while watching your yield soar. No more over cutting and wasted materials. TigerRip 1000™ is perfect for your precision rough mill needs.

TigerRip 1000™ allows you to bring lean manufacturing to the rough mill. Using TigerStop's Dynamic Optimization™ algorithms, TigerRip 1000™ mathematically finds the best use of your material and keeps track of all the material ripped. This allows you to build-to-order without having to keep a buffer inventory, saving you inventory costs, space, and wasted labor.

Accuracy .008 in .02 mm
Max Length 12/18 ft 3.6/5.4 meters

Why you need TigerRip 1000

TigerRip 1000 is a rip optimizing saw system that is designed to bring all the major benefits of a TigerStop to the rough mill side of the shop. Increase your material yield and print on all finished strips at the ripping stage of production. TigerRip 1000 also allows you to rip only what you need, eliminating over ripping and excess inventory. Simply enter the lineal footage required for your fixed widths and square footage for your panel and TigerRip 1000 cuts your job to completion.

Increased Material Yield
TigerRip 1000 uses TigerStop’s Dynamic Optimization software to defect and optimize material so you can achieve the best possible material yield at the rip station.

Rip Only What You Need
TigerRip 1000 keeps track of the lineal footage ripped for your fixed dimension widths and the square footage ripped for your random width panel. Once an item is complete, it will stop ripping. This allows you to rip only what you need to complete a job. No more keeping track of ripped strips in hopes that they will get used on the next job.

TigerRip 1000 sets the fence dimension quickly and accurately…every time. This means your first rip is as accurate as your last. No more missed edges or over sized waste strips. TigerRip 1000’s fence is accurate within .008 inches (.2 mm).

Printing on Strips

TigerRip 1000 can automatically inkjet print on each strip as it is ripped. This allows you to easily sort strips on the back end of the rip saw even if you are batching like-jobs. No more wasted labor time counting or sorting ripped strips.


  • Jog Mode
  • Calculator Mode
  • Preset Function
  • Metric, Decimal and Fractional Inches
  • Part List downloading
  • Optimizes random width lumber for best possible yield
  • Allows for automatic cutting of random width panel material

Precision Rough Mill

Having a TigerRip 1000 optimizing straight line rip saw system allows you to rip job by job or batch multiple jobs. This is just the first step. Once you are optimizing at the rip saw, you can then pair TigerRip 1000 with the TigerSaw 1000 defecting and optimizing crosscut saw system. This creates what we call the Precision Rough Mill. By optimizing and defecting at each process in the rough mill, reduction of scrap parts can exceed 33% in some cases. Rip and cut only the parts your need to fulfill orders.

TigerRip 1000 in feed only & TigerRip 1000 in feed with saw


Cut Just What You Need
TigerRip 1000 mathematically finds the best use of your material and keeps track of all the material ripped, letting you build-to-order without keeping a buffer inventory. This saves you inventory costs, space, and wasted labor.

Save on Material Costs
Bring your ripping in-house. Rip only what you need while still achieving the maximum possible yield.

Flexible Modular System
TigerRip 1000 can be purchased as an entire turn-key system, or can retrofit to your existing saw, giving you the benefits of a much larger system. Spend the extra savings on a TigerSaw 1000 and optimize your cross cutting for even more savings.