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BeamWorks software controls pusher and drilling heads
Import functions for tekst files and files from drawing software
Rotation: choice between 750 and 3000 RPM. Drilling stroke between 125 and 240 mm
With optional loading device, you can run the machine with minimal interaction.

Universal drilling machine

TigerStop drilling machine is a versatile tool for the drilling of wood, plastics, aluminium and small steel profiles. TigerDrill can be equipped with 1 or more vertical drilling heads and 1 or 2 horizontal drilling heads. With the TigerStop pusher system is gives you a great flexibility and throughput. In combination with a TigerStop cross-cut saw it can process your long material with into different length drilled components. Together with the TigerStops Dynamic Optimizing, TigerDrill is a workstation that reduces your waste and increases your productivity. Only available through TigerStop BV: P: +31 546 57 51 71.

Accuracy .003 in .1 mm
Capacity 264 lbs 120 kg
Max Length 26 ft 8 meters