Build Your Own - Configurator ButtonTigerStop TigerCrossCut Accurate Positioning
Retrofit to your existing slider and table saw
All adjustments are done from one side of the table
No need to manually set and reset the fence
Push button interface for accuracy and repeatability
Eliminate waste and rework
Legendary TigerStop durability comes with a Full One-Year Warranty

Cut More, Walk Less

How much time are you losing walking around your slider, setting and re-setting the fence? Most users see up to 30% more productivity out of their saw every day. TigerFence & TigerCrossCut were designed with screw drives and precision linear bearings, ensuring a rigid and dead accurate position, first time...every time.

Accuracy .003 in .07 mm
Max Length 10 ft 3 meters

Why you need a TigerCrossCut

Cross cutting on a sliding table saw can be back-breaking work. Setting and re-setting your manual fence, making sure the strips are tight against the stop, and then sliding the saw bed back and forth, is a time consuming process. TigerCrossCut is an automated fence and stop system that can make cross cutting much easier and far more productive.

The operator simply enters the part size he wants and TigerCrossCut will move to the specified length quickly and accurately, every time. TigerCrossCut’s dual flip stop system allows for cuts up to 120 inches (3m).


  • Two flip stops for a cutting range of up to 120 inches.
  • TigerCrossCut tells you when you should be using Stop 1 or Stop 2
  • Jog Mode
  • Safe zone alert when fence is close to the blade
  • Calculator Mode
  • Preset Function
  • Metric, Decimal and Fractional Inches
  • Part List Interface (holds up to 2000 cuts/part list)

Add on Automation to Turn Your Old Saw into a 21st Century Workhorse

TigerCrossCut can be easily added to almost any sliding table saw on the market. Why buy a new table saw when you can update your older, trusted machinery and get all the benefits of automation, for a fraction of the price? TigerCrossCut can even be upgraded to use TigerStops Dynamic Optimization software, which uses a proprietary algorithm to cut your parts with the least amount of waste possible.


No more Setup Time
With TigerCrossCut, you don’t have to fiddle with manual stops. Just enter your length and cut. TigerCrossCut will take care of the accuracy so you can focus on making a quality product.

If you need more production, don’t buy a new saw. Turbocharge your existing table saw with TigerCrossCut!

Easy to Install
TigerCrossCut can be installed to most saws in just a few hours. You can install in the morning and be cutting dead-on parts by lunch.

Fast and Accurate…Every Time
TigerCrossCut has a repeatable accuracy rating of +/-.003 inches (.07mm). This means that tomorrow’s parts will be the same size as yesterday’s parts.

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