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Automated miter saw operation
Automated nesting of angled parts
Feed speed of 375 feet per minute*
Push button interface for accuracy and repeatability
Work with material up to 30 feet in length**
Handles materials up to 120 pounds
Retractable safety shield
Eliminate waste and rework

Cover All The Angles

TigerAngle is an automated compound miter saw system available in either 2D or 3D drive. Together with BeamWorks it makes it easy to design and cut custom compound miters and bevels. Just enter your parts and angles into BeamWorks, and let TigerStop’s Dynamic Optimization nest the parts so that you receive the maximum possible yield.

Accuracy .012 in .3 mm
Capacity 120 lbs 54 kg
Max Length 30 ft 9 meters

Why you need TigerAngle

Cutting angles, especially compound angles, is no one’s favorite job. Setting stops, setting angles, check and rechecking takes a lot of time that could be better used cutting parts.  Time is money.  Instead of doing all that, you could be using TigerAngle.


TigerAngle, together with BeamWorks software, makes it easy to produce very custom parts with complex angles just in time. Just enter your parts and angles into BeamWorks, and let TigerStop’s powerful Dynamic Optimization nest the parts so that you will receive the maximum possible yield.  Beamworks can easily handle your data, even BIM files can be imported with ease. TigerAngle can be configured with one or two angled axis’s for either simple or compound miters.


  • Jog Mode
  • Calculator mode
  • Preset Function
  • Metric, Decimal and Fractional Inches
  • Integrated automatic retractable guarding
  • Automatic Miter axis
  • Optional automatic bevel axis


Automatic Angle Adjustment

TigerAngle can automatically position the miter and bevel to the exact angle for the size of the part. The angle range is from 45° left to 35° right.

Choose your Cutting Envelope

TigerAngle has two saw options depending on the cutting envelope you need. Model ZS200N 3D has a cutting capacity of 420 mm at 90° and 295 mm at 45°. Model ZS170N 2D has a cutting capacity of 450 mm at 90° and 310 mm at 45°.

Dynamic Optimization and Nesting with BeamWorks

Optimizing is hard to do with parts cut at 90°. Its even harder when you add 2 more dimensions with a miter and a bevel. This is where TigerAngle’s BeamWorks software can speed up your production. Once all sizes and angles have been entered, BeamWorks will use its Dynamic Optimization nesting software to reorder, flip and rotate all the pieces so that you get the mathematically calculated best yield and best cutting efficiency for your stock material.

Easy to use

Complicated math requires highly skilled labor and takes lots of time to do calculations. TigerAngle is easy to use and takes out the complicated math, reducing errors and therefore costly rework.

Reduce Rework

With software handling your cutting you reduce the chances of errors and with that costly rework.