HeavyDuty 2

Powerful rack and pinion drive system
Work with material up to 108 feet in length*
Handles materials up to 2100 pounds**
Operator Stays in the Money Making Zone
Eliminate waste and rework
Legendary TigerStop durability comes with a Full One-Year Warranty
HeavyDuty 2 easily integrates to any saw or cut off equipment in your factory

Power to Spare

Built for your heaviest loads, this rugged yet powerful system can push, pull and position up to 2100 pounds with repeatable accuracy shift after shift.

Precisione .20 mm
Capacità 952 kg
Lunghezza Massima 33 metri

Why you need a HeavyDuty 2

HeavyDuty 2, big brother to the TigerStop and TigerTurbo, offers higher maximum load capacity vs. other TigerStop products, 2100 lbs (952 Kg). When you’re processing material this heavy, setting and resetting manual stops can be a real pain. Even with the best operator, you will still get miscut parts requiring costly rework. HeavyDuty 2 can solve those problems by automating your stop.
Having an automated positioner means that material handing is quick and easy. Simplifying material handling can boost overall station productivity, so you can process more material in a day.

HeavyDuty 2 positions material to +/- .008 (.2mm), giving you perfectly cut parts…every time. Costly rework will be a thing of the past.

Easy to Operate
The HeavyDuty 2 interface is easy to use and an operator can be trained in as little as ten minutes. Once trained, station setup time goes to zero. HD2 can be retrofitted to any existing saw station, drill, punch or any other machine that could use a huge jump in efficiency and accuracy.

Easy to Upgrade

Start simple and build your TigerStop system as you grow. Add label printing, Dynamic Optimizing, Downloading cut bills and much more. You can even add a touch screen interface, TigerTouch, for a new level of visibility and productivity. Get just what you need now and then let TigerStop grow with you.


  • Jog Mode
  • Calculator mode
  • Preset Function
  • Metric, Decimal and Fractional Inches
  • Part List Interface (Holds up to 2000 cuts/part list)
  • Standard Interconnect Kit (knows when your saw is cycling)
  • Four Types of Parts Lists
    • Set Point
    • Pusher
    • Pattern Part List
    • Pull List
HeavyDuty2 on a bandsaw using automatic pushfeed

This is the big boy

HeavyDuty 2 was designed and built from the ground up to push, pull or position heavy weight material that no other automated positioning system can handle.

Rack and Pinion
HeavyDuty 2 uses a rack and pinion drive that provides a repeatable accuracy of +/- .008 inches (.2 mm) to any material you need to position, up to 2100 lbs (952 Kg).

AC Servo Drive
HeavyDuty 2 is equipped with a powerful AC Servo Drive motor that provides speed when pushing light material and provides superior pushing force when pushing heavy material.

Robust Internal Construction
The robust design of the HeavyDuty 2’s linear way system supports the carriage and the over-sized rack and pinion gear, ensuring accuracy and durability.

Rack and Pinion Drive - automatic pushfeed

HeavyDuty 2’s Rack and Pinion Drive & Robust Construction


Material Handing Made Easy
Think that hand loading and positioning is the only way to work with the big stuff? Think again. TigerStop knows that accuracy is most important when you’re building big. HeavyDuty 2 gives you +/-.008 inch (.2 mm) repeatable accuracy and does it quickly…every time.

Greater Throughput
When increasing production, you can add more stations or you can increase the throughput of your existing stations. That is what TigerStop is all about. With a HeavyDuty 2 attached to your existing workstation, you can increase your station throughput by 300%. With HeavyDuty 2’s 2100 lbs (952 Kg) of pushing power, you can also stack up material and process it as a pack for added throughput benefits.

Processing Flexibility
Are you setting angle iron against a stop for cutting? What about pushing tube stock through your drilling station? How about pulling stock through your punch die? HeavyDuty 2 can do all three right out of the box. The only limit is your imagination.

Easy to Automate

With TigerStop’s powerful automation platform, you can quickly and simply automate your existing equipment. You decide how far you want to take it. Manual, Semi-automatic or fully automated processing, TigerStop can do it all. You can even interface TigerStop products to your own custom application using our Software Developer’s Kit (SDK).

Easy to Learn

Not everybody can read a tape the way you can. TigerStop’s simple and intuitive controls can allow even a novice to cut like a pro in just a matter of hours.