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Built Metal ToughAutomatic Infeed Station

Faster Loading with the AutoLoader

TigerStop’s AutoLoader is an Automatic Infeed Station that greatly increases the efficiency of your fully automated saw system, whether you are processing wood on the TigerSaw 1000, plastic, or non-ferrous materials on the TigerSaw 2000. The AutoLoader aids throughput without adding additional labor costs.

Capacity 5 x 100 lbs 45.36 kg
Max Length 30 ft 9.144 meters

Why You Need an Automatic Infeed Station

TigerStop makes two fully automated saw systems for high capacity material processing and the AutoLoader is the perfect integration.

A TigerSaw can process a lot of material in a day.  To run at maximum capacity can take two operators – one to load and one to sort parts at the back end. With the AutoLoader a single operator can load the Automatic Infeed Station with up to five pieces or bundles at a time. While the AutoLoader is feeding material the operator can make use of his time performing value-added tasks such as sorting finished parts which have been inkjet or label printed on the TigerSaw.


Automatic Infeed Station for TigerSaw 1000

With the AutoLoader integration the operator only has to walk the length of the machine once every five stock lengths or stock bundles versus once every single stock length- reducing workspace travel time by up to 80%. That way one operator can run the saw at its maximum capacity.

The AutoLoader also frees up your top guys. A skilled employee can mark material defects with a UV crayon ahead of time and even your newest operator can finish the job, loading pieces onto the Automatic Infeed Station and sorting finished pieces.

The AutoLoader isn’t just for large shops- it’s the most competitively priced Automatic Infeed Station available on the market.


  • Flexible material length capacities from 4-30 feet
  • Configure anywhere from 2 to 7 loading stations in 3 or 6 foot intervals
  • Sensors signal when material is ready to be processed
  • AIK (Advanced Interconnect Kit) connects to saw to fully automate cutting
  • Safety switch and “kill” line run the entire length




TigerSaw 1000

TigerSaw 1000™ is a fully automated wood defecting and optimizing push feed saw station for delivering a high volume of finished cut quality parts. Packed with features like Crayon Defect Marking, inkjet or label printing, best in class Dynamic Optimization software, and advanced dust collection, TigerSaw 1000 allows you to drop an entire lumber grade while increasing yield and productivity. Learn more.


How it works

The AutoLoader indexes the material and feeds it through the sawing station automatically. Sensors on the loading station recognize when material is pressed against the back fence signaling that the material is ready to be processed through the saw and to continue feeding material until more is needed or the cut list is complete.


Saves Operator Time
The Automatic Infeed Station aids throughput without adding additional labor costs. The AutoLoader automatically indexes material into the saw, freeing the operator to perform additional value-add tasks such as sorting finished parts.  It will let you run the saw at maximum capacity with a single operator.

Configurable to Your Operation
The AutoLoader is configurable to your operation. Customize the number of Automatic Infeed Stations based on the length of the material you need to process. You can integrate anywhere from 2-7 stations in 3 or 6 foot increments, which will accommodate material ranging from 4 feet to 30 feet.

Amazing Value
The ROI with an Automatic Infeed Station is achieved very quickly because you are able to process more material in a shorter time span with less operators. When combined with a TigerSaw, it will increase yields, accuracy, and productivity at the best price point in the industry.

Aluminum autoloader

TigerSaw 2000

TigerSaw 2000™ is the perfect automated optimizing push feed saw station for cutting non-ferrous metals like aluminum. It includes an adjustable cutting envelope, Dynamic Optimization software, and inkjet or label printing. In addition, TigerSaw 2000’s patented spray mist coolant delivers best in class cut quality. Learn more.

AutoLoader with TigerSaw 2000