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What Can You Automate with TigerStop?

There’s an endless number of processes you can automate with TigerStop products. Some applications you may have never even considered! In order to determine which TigerStop system is best for your application, you ought to consider a few things. Do you need a complete turnkey automated solution or an easily added on retrofit to your existing equipment? What kind of pushing capacity do you need? What kind of material will you be processing? Non-ferrous, ferrous, wood, plastic?

And finally, what process are you looking to automate? Cut off sawing? Angle/Miter Sawing? Ripping? Boring, drilling, punching, or bending? The possibilities are endless! Here is a short list of tools that you can automate with a TigerStop to get your creative juices flowing.

What Application Will You Automate with TigerStop?

  • Bandsaws • Benders • Boring Equipment • Calipers (parts up to 16 feet) • Chop Saws • Circular Sawing Machines
  • Cold Saws • Column Coldsaws • Compound Miter Saws • Double Miter Saws • Drill Presses • End Milling • Machines
  • Flywheel Presses • Granules • Haunchers• Horizontal Band Saws • Horizontal Mortisers
  • Horizontal Panel Saws • Hydraulic Presses • Ironworkers • Miter Saws • MMTJ CNC Machining Centers
  • Paper Shears • Presses • Press Brakes • Punches • Radial Arm Saws • Shears • Sliding Panel Saws
  • Sliding Table Saws • Straight Line Rip Saws • Table Saws • Tube Cutters • Upcut Saws • Upcut Miter Saws
  • Veneer Clippers/Slicers • Vertical Mortisers • Vertical Band Saws • Vertical Panel Saws • And more!

TigerStops in Action

SawGear has been demonstrated on an Inmes Double Miter Saw. This dynamic duo will give you a tremendous boost in picture frame manufacturing capability. Pow!


Even on an ironworker, TigerStop is helping to lighten the load for fabricators. Let TigerStop do the material handling so you can focus on making a quality product.


BC Greenhouse Builders uses their SawGear on a mid-century DeWalt radial arm saw to accurately cut aluminum profiles for their greenhouses and sheds.


Hester Fabrication uses their TigerStop on a Doringer D300 cold saw to accurately cut parts.


You can attach TigerStop products to veneer clippers for an increase in your cabinet shop’s production.


You can have fast, accurate positioning on any tool, even mortises.


Here is a TigerStop paired with a DeWalt chop saw. This shutter company’s system greatly improves accuracy and reduces set-up time.


By now, it’s clear that every operation in your factory is a candidate for automation. Here at TigerStop HQ, we can help you automate the processes that need automation.

If you need help automating your shop or have questions about when to automate your shop, check out “When Is The Right Time To Automate My Shop?” or give us a call!  A TigerStop Application Specialist is happy to help.