It's About Time

There’s a place all manufacturers eventually arrive. A place where they’ve squeezed every last ounce of efficiency they can from their current manual cutting stations. The next level of profitability can only be obtained through automation. It’s not a question of “if’ it’s a question of “when.” You may be there already.

  • Faster Set-Up

    It takes the average worker 45 seconds to set a stop, with TigerStop he can do it in less than 3.

  • Productivity

    An automated process can boost yields as much as 75%.

  • Employee Utilization

    Train any employee in minutes and they'll be your top producer by the end of the day.

  • Less Waste

    With TigerOptimizer you get every inch out of your expensive materials.

  • Less Rework

    TigerStop is 100% accurate with repeatability of 0.004".

  • Employee Satisfaction

    Job satisfaction skyrockets when an operator has a TigerStop automatic stop gauge and pusher system.