Over a Ton of Pushing Power

Almost any material that is cut, drilled or punched such as plastics and composite materials can be pushed, pulled and positioned by one of our many TigerStop products. Automation and optimizing software provide a whole new level of fast, efficient operations.

  • Faster Set-Up

    It takes the average worker 45 seconds to set a stop, with TigerStop he can do it in less than 3.

  • Less Rework

    TigerStop is 100% accurate with repeatability of 0.004".

  • Less Waste

    With TigerOptimizer you get every inch out of your expensive materials.

  • Employee Utilization

    Train any employee in minutes and they'll be your top producer by the end of the day.

  • Productivity

    An automated process can boost yields as much as 75%.

  • Employee Satisfaction

    Job satisfaction skyrockets when an operator has a TigerStop automatic stop gauge and pusher system.