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The days of old school, traditional furniture manufacturing are over. With increased competition across the globe, solid wood furniture manufacturers need to offer custom products with prompt delivery. TigerStop allows small to large furniture shops the ability to quickly and accurately cut material, resulting in reduced scrap and labor waste and increased productivity.

Fast and Accurate

Whether you’re looking to save yield, increase efficiency or improve shop logistics, TigerStop has the products you need to be successful in today’s highly demanding furniture markets including:

  • Residential Furniture
  • Office Furniture
  • Institutional Furniture
  • Lab Furniture

Product Recommendations

Position parts quickly and accurately using a SawGear automated stop or TigerStop pusher.

TigerFence allows furniture makers to be profitable by reducing the need to walk around sliding table saws. Cut parts quickly and accurately without taking a step.

The TigerSaw 1000 fully automatic optimizing and defecting saw system increases yield and accuracy at the best price in the industry. With TigerSaw 1000 operators produce less waste and only cut what is needed for each job.




Automate the following tools in your furniture shop with TigerStop brand positioners and pushers:

  • Chop saws
  • Drills
  • Ironworkers
  • Punches
  • Presses
  • Sliding Table Saws
  • Table Saws
  • Vertical Panel Saws
  • Upcut saws
  • And more!



How much time are you losing walking around your sliding table saw, setting and re-setting the fence? Add TigerFence and automate your table saw. Most users see up to 30% more productivity out of their saw every day.

TigerStop Automated Pusher

TigerStop® is an automated material pusher and stop that will turn your existing machine into a lean manufacturing asset. Take your operations to a whole new level with the product that started it all.


Position material quickly and accurately using SawGear. Get the most from your tool and reduce scrap waste.

TigerSaw 1000

TigerSaw 1000™ is the perfect automated push feed saw station for cutting faster and more accurately than manual methods. It increases yield, accuracy and productivity at the best value point in the industry.