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Automate Your Existing Equipment

Any company cutting, drilling, boring, or machining lengths of material, whether steel or aluminum, should care about automation. Any repetitive process, if not automated, is costing the shop money. With TigerStop, you can affordably add easy-to-use equipment to your existing machinery and have an immediate improvement in throughput, accuracy, and quality. Start saving on raw material costs while decreasing cycle times.

Tight Tolerances Matter

Part accuracy of cuts improves fabrication time significantly. Having a consistent fit-up of parts means that the welders are able to optimize their weld technique, use less wire, gas, and grinding disks, and dramatically increase cycle times.

TigerStop automated pushers and positioners easily attach to existing tools frequently found in the following metalworking industries:

  • Sheet Metal
  • Architectural
  • Structural Extruding
  • Form/Fabricate
  • Tube/Pipe
  • Machinery
  • Material Handling

Product Recommendations

  • SawGear automated stop
  • TigerStop positioner and pusher
  • TigerRack pusher for loads up to 720 lbs
  • TigerTurbo pusher for loads up to 840 lbs
  • HeavyDuty 2 pusher for loads up to 2,100 lbs


Most metal fabricators find that using a TigerStop on their saws, drills, presses, or ironworkers greatly reduces part accuracy errors, which means no more wasted raw materials ending up in the scrap pile and no more time spent reworking inaccurate parts.

Fabrication Videos

TigerStop for Prefabrication

Gallo Mechanical introduced a TigerStop automated positioner, coupled with TigerTouch nesting software and label printing, to its prefabrication shop. The accuracy achieved from its TigerStop has eliminated scrap waste and allowed Gallo to save 10% of its raw material costs on each and every job going forward.

HeavyDuty 2

TigerStop's HeavyDuty 2 is built for your heaviest material loads. This rugged and powerful system can push, pull and position up to 2,100 pounds with repeatable accuracy, shift after shift.


If you've been looking for a positioning solution for your metalworking machinery that's easy enough to install and operate, but tough enough to withstand day after day of use and abuse, TigerRack is the solution.

TigerTurbo on Bandsaw

TigerTurbo pairs nicely with bandsaws for your toughest metalworking applications.


TigerTurbo is a high speed automated feeder built for positioning material up to 840 lbs. It is designed to easily automate your new or existing machinery, giving you repeatable accuracy in any pushing, pulling or positioning application.

TigerStop Cold Saw

TigerStop automated positioners and pushers are great for a wide variety of metalworking applications. Automate your cold saw with TigerStop accuracy and repeatability and instantly reduce scrap waste and increase productivity.

TigerStop for Aluminum & Steel Ladder Manufacturing

American Made ladder manufacturer, Cotterman Company, uses TigerStop automated length stops and pushers to cut parts accurately and efficiently.

TigerStop for Aluminum Door Manufacturing

Leading steel and aluminum door manufacturer, CURRIES reduces set up times and labor costs.

TigerStop for Rail Car Manufacturing

National Railway Equipment uses a TigerRack to accurately cut raw materials. Doing so has significantly reduced scrap waste and labor costs.

TigerStop and TigerRack for Aluminum Stadium Seating

Dant Clayton trades in its tape measures for TigerStop and TigerRack automated pushers and positioners.

TigerStop for Louvers & Dampers

Using TigerStops throughout their facility has allowed United Enertech to combat problems in Quality Control, rework, scrap waste, setup time, and more so they can focus on the bottom line.