Today’s modern cabinet manufactures are required to produce a custom product for specific customers while achieving a quick turn around time. Whether you’re looking to increase efficiency, material yield, or simply looking for shop transparency, TigerStop has the products you need to be successful in today’s high demand market place.

From ripping on demand, to crosscutting only what’s needed – all with the precision needed for cabinet components – our precision rough mill products give you the tools required. This allows you to rip and cut while achieving the maximum yield without building excess inventories.

  • Residential Cabinetry & Closets
  • Commercial Cabinetry
  • Casework & Display
  • Fixtures
  • Millwork & Molding
  • Exhibits


If your cabinet shop has any of the following machine tools or more, TigerStop has a solution for you:

  • Chop saws
  • Compound miter saws
  • Bandsaws
  • Double miter saws
  • Drills
  • Panel saws
  • Sliding table saws
  • Straight line rip saws
  • Table saws
  • Upcut saws
  • Vertical panel saws
  • And more!

Product Recommendations:

TigerFence is a great addition to a sliding table saw or standard table saw. If you spend too much time measuring material with a tape measure, marking it, walking around your saw to adjust a manual fence, and finally, cutting material, TigerFence is your answer. TigerSLR is also an excellent add-on to any straight line rip saw.


TigerStop automated positioners and pushers can automate an array of machine tools for increased throughput and accuracy. Many software upgrades are available with TigerStop including Cut List Downloading (TigerLink 6) and Dynamic Optimization software to increase raw material yield and productivity.

For those who would like additional control, TigerTouch touch screen tablet, allows for a visual representation of cut lists. You can easily switch between jobs and view statistics such as job status and job yield.


SawGear automated positioners can automate an array of machine tools and are portable, which is helpful for jobsite installations. SawGear has built in Crown+MiterPro software for calculating complex angles for crown molding jobs, baseboard, trim, wainscoat, and more.