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Solution des problèmes & FAQ

What is that high-pitched noise coming from my TigerStop?

This noise is completely normal. You will frequently hear this high-pitched whiny noise when the TigerStop is holding at a constant position.

Most tooling processes are louder than this noise, but if you want the noise to stop while you’re doing quieter work in the shop, you can use the ‘sleep’ functionality to make the noise stop. The easiest way to access (and exit) the sleep mode is by using the power button on the keypad. Sleep mode can also be activated based on a timer. Sleep is not available on version 4 and earlier electronics.

Be aware that while the machine is asleep, it will not hold its position. In other words, you’ll be able to manually move the positioner and it will not return to the original position. However, it will track this motion and reflect the proper position upon awakening.

The sleep timer setting puts the machine to sleep after a given amount of time. On most of our machines, the sleep timer is set in seconds. It is accessed via the ‘options’ menu. On a SawGear, the sleep timer is set in minutes. It is accessed by pressing ‘D’ button followed by the power button. Setting the timer to zero on any machine prevents sleep mode from automatically occurring.

What is TigerStop's Return Policy?

The Buyer must obtain a return goods authorization (“RGA”) from Seller before returning any product eligible for return. No return of eligible products will be accepted by Seller without an RGA, which will be issued at Seller’s sole discretion. Special order products may not be returned for any reason if non-defective.

All authorized returned products must be unused and resealeable, in factory-original shipping cartons and must be complete with all packing materials. If returned products are claimed to be defective, Buyer must notify Seller of the nature of the defect prior to returning the product. All items not eligible for return will be returned to Buyer, transportation costs collect. Product returned to Seller by Buyer for no fault of Seller may be subject to a restocking/handling fee. Contact for more information.

TigerStop Parts Return Policy

Standard Parts Returns:
To return your part you will need an RGA (Return Goods Authorization) Number from TigerStop’s Customer Service. You may call customer service at +31 546 57 51 71 or email customer service at to receive your RGA number. Please supply 1) your original order number and 2) reason for return code to speed up the return process.

Additional RGA and Restocking Information:
Please note that RGA’s are issued at TigerStop’s sole discretion. Customer Service may need to work with you to gather more information before issuing an RGA number. TigerStop will not issue an RGA for special order parts or custom parts.

Parts less than 30 Days old:
TigerStop will gladly issue an RGA for parts ordered within the last 30 days. If the return arrives complete and in new condition, full credit will be issued for the returned part. Returns that do not arrive complete and in new condition are subject to a minimum 20% restocking fee. Zero credit may be issued for returns that are incomplete or damaged.

Parts over 30 days old:
For parts ordered in the last 6 months, TigerStop will issue an RGA so long as the parts are complete and in new condition. Please note that all parts returned over 30 days are subject to a 20% restocking fee. Zero credit will be issued for returns that are incomplete or damaged.

Packaging Your Return:
In an ideal world everyone would perfectly preserve their packaging for returns, but life isn’t always that simple. That’s why we don’t require factory original packaging for returns. Hooray!

What we do care about is receiving returns in one piece and with the RGA number written prominently on the package. Adequate packaging is critical to preventing shipping damage. Remember, the inspection determining whether credit can be issued happens after arrival at TigerStop. So, if it looks like a herd of water buffalos made their annual migration over your package, TigerStop won’t be able to accept it. (Another good rule of thumb is that circuit boards should never mix with Styrofoam.)

Who Pays for the Return?
Shipping on standard returns is the customer’s responsibility. Original shipping costs will not be credited. However, customers may be credited shipping costs on a case by case basis depending on the reason for the return.

TigerStop Returns Address:
Once your return is carefully packaged with the RGA number prominently displayed on the exterior of the package, sent it to:

TigerStop LLC c/o Returns Department
Bedrijvenstraat 17 NL-7641 AM
Wierden, Netherlands

All returns are inspected for condition and completeness after arrival at TigerStop. Based on the inspection, applicable credit will be issued. If the item was purchased via credit card, return credit will be issued to the same card.

When credit can’t be issued, TigerStop will do our best to contact you and explain. If we can’t issue credit and you want the returned part back, we will gladly return the part at your expense. TigerStop can store returned parts for 30 days from the first contact attempt. If we can’t reach you and don’t hear from you by then, the parts will be scrapped.

TigerStop’s goal is to make purchasing and returning spare parts as easy as possible. Our aim is to get you up and running so that you can continue manufacturing cool products, quickly and accurately, for your growing customer base. If TigerStop made a mistake in any way, please let us know, and we will do our best to remedy the situation. We love our customers, we love what we do, and we are continuously striving to do better each day. If you have suggestions about how we can serve you best, don’t be shy! Feedback is welcomed with open paws. You may share your thoughts with


What is an Enable Code?

An enable code is a unique string of numbers that is tied to the serial number of the machine, providing important benefits.

  • The enable code registers your TigerStop product for convenient access to technical support, upgrades, and service.
  • The enable code activates any additional software or accessory options purchased, such as Cut List Downloading, Dynamic Optimization, or Label Printing.
  • Your TigerStop product warranty starts on the day an enable code is provided

When a TigerStop machine is powered on for the first time, the display will ask you for an enable code. You will need to obtain and enter an enable code before you can start using your new TigerStop machine. To get an enable code fill out an online Warranty Registration Form in the Service section of the website.

How do I get an Enable Code?

To get an enable code fill out the Warranty Registration Form. It is located in the Service section of the website and can be submitted online. If you are having difficulties doing so online, please copy and paste your answers into an email addressed to You may also call TigerStop’s Service Department +31 546 57 51 71.

You will need to obtain and enter an enable code before you can start using your new TigerStop machine. Your enable code is associated with your machine’s serial number. To find your serial number watch the below video.


How Do I Test an AC Motor?

Motor should be removed from machine

Items Required:
Multimeter & AC Motor Cable Pinout document

Test One – Cogging:
Rotate motor by hand, it must turn freely with a small amount of cogging. The motor will not produce the required amount of power without cogging. If no cogging, then FAIL.

Test Two – Short:
Tie all 3 drive wires together and rotate the motor by hand. It should be hard to rotate. If not, FAIL.

Test Three – Voltage:
Set multimeter to measure DC voltage connected to M1 & M2, Rotating the motor by hand, should produce a voltage reading on the multimeter. If no voltage, FAIL. Repeat between all phases (M1 & M3, M2 & M3).

Test Four – Open:
Set multimeter to measure resistance Ω. Measure from each phase to motor case. If readings show
anything other than OL or infinate, then FAIL.

Test Five – Resistance:
Set multimeter to measure resistance Ω. Measure between all phases (M1 & M2, M1 & M3, M2 & M3)
Readings should be around 2-4 ohms. If not, then FAIL.


Télécharger + Manuel d'instructions

Activez votre machine TigerStop

Pour mettre en service une nouvelle machine, vous avez besoin d’un code d’activation. Pour en recevoir un, faites défiler la page et remplissez le formulaire d’enregistrement de la garantie. Pour ce faire, vous devez avoir à portée de main le numéro de série de votre machine. Regardez la vidéo ci-dessous pour connaître votre numéro de série. (Vous recevrez le numéro de série avec votre TigerStop).

Votre code d’activation sera envoyé par e-mail par le département de service pendant les heures de bureau du lundi au vendredi. La garantie de votre machine commence à la date à laquelle vous recevez le code d’activation.


La garantie de votre machine commence à la date à laquelle vous remplissez le formulaire d’enregistrement de la garantie. Veuillez remplir le formulaire ci-dessous et cliquer sur le bouton d’envoi en bas.

Le service clientèle TigerStop vérifiera votre formulaire pendant les heures de bureau, du lundi au vendredi de 8 à 17 heures (vendredi à 16 heures).

La date de facturation est en tête si vous ne remplissez pas ce formulaire.

Enregistrement de la Garantie

  • All of TigerStop’s products have a warranty period of 12 months from the date the product is installed and provided that the product has not exceeded 2080 production hours. If the product has exceeded 2080 production hours within a period of 12 months, the warranty no longer applies. In cases where the product has not been installed within 36 months of shipping, the warranty expires when the 36 months have expired. If the product is installed after 30 months, but before 36 months from the shipping date, the warranty is limited to 36 months from the shipping date. In that case, the provisions of article 11.1 do not apply.

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