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External 8A 250v Fast Blow Fuses Location:

AMP6 Fuse Tray
AMP6 Fuse Tray

There are two 8A 250v fuses in a tray on the bottom of the AC power input module as shown. On some versions of the AMP6 (green circuit board) there is also a spare 8A fuse on the inside of the amplifier on the circuit board (see next photo).

8A Fuse Specifications:
8A 250v Fast Blow
5mm x 20mm
TigerStop Part Number: J3088

Internal 1A 250v Fast Blow Fuse locations:

AMP6 Internal Fuses
AMP6 Internal Fuses


SawGear Fuse Location:

Sawgear fuse location
Sawgear fuse location on the backside of the power head where the power cable connects

*Please see “What fuses do I need for my TigerStop Product?” FAQ for more information on fuses and how to obtain replacement fuses