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Intro to the SIK

Basic Functionality:

The Standard Interconnect Kit (SIK) offers two basic functions:

  • It prohibits the TigerStop and the tool from moving at the same time
  • It allows the TigerStop to automatically advance after each tool cycle in increment or list mode.

How it Works:

  • The limit switch is mounted in such a fashion as to be pressed (triggered) when the tool is at rest. This completes the DM circuit telling the TigerStop that the tool is at rest and that it is safe to move.
  • The cable itself plugs into the round IO port on the amplifier.
  • When the TigerStop is moving, it sends a signal to the solenoid (typically plumbed into the main air input for the tool) that takes air away from the tool, preventing it from cycling until the TigerStop has completed its movement. (Please note that this is an optional safety feature, running through the air solenoid is not required for the advancement after each tool cycle)
  • Please see the SIK Installation Guide for pictures and a further explanation. Click Here for SIK Installation Guide