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What are all these lights on my TigerSaw and what is their purpose?


*Please note, this picture is of a TigerSaw 2000, if you have a TigerSaw 1000, you will not have the lube mist light on your system


  • First let’s start with the white Power On button on the bottom left. This is simply just telling us if the main power switch is on and we are receiving power to the system.
  • Emergency Stop – The big red button emergency stop button will kill power to the saw blade portion and Tigerstop portion. This must be reset before operation can continue
  • Next, the bottom row of green lights, from left to right
    • Saw – This will only turn on if the saw is actually on and spinning
    • Air – This will only turn on if you have proper air pressure going into the system (check air regulator on right side of saw system to ensure proper PSI)
    • Lube (TigerSaw 2000) – This light only turns on if you have enough lubricant in your tank. Operating without enough lubrication can be dangerous and potentially shorten the lifespan of your blades/machine
    • Safety Chain – One of the most important components of the system is our safety chain. We need all of our safety components in their proper states for the machine to be safe to run. Components of the safety chain are:
      • Air
      • Lube (TigerSaw 2000 only)
      • Safety Trip Line
      • Emergency Stop
      • If all of these are not satisfied, your saw will not start
    • Safety Chain – Special Mentions: There are two to three (depends on setup) other possible elements that factor into the safety chain that don’t impact the light on the front:
      • Please note: With both guard/blade door, there is a lockout period of 6 seconds after turning the saw off before you can open these, or you risk damaging the key/latch. For the blade door, you must also either trip the safety line or emergency stop before opening this up as well.
        • Guard Door Latch – This is one of the most common reasons people run into on why their saw will not turn on. If you do not have the key properly aligned to go inside the latch, your saw will not turn on. For testing purposes only, if you believe this may be your issue, you can unmount the key and place it directly into the latch and see if your saw turns on. **NOTE: THIS PART IS ONLY FOR TROUBLESHOOTING, YOU MUST CORRECT THIS IN ORDER TO SAFELY RUN YOUR SAW**
        • Blade Door Latch – Less common an issue than the guard door latch, but same scenario.
      • Light Curtain: – Most systems do not have this, but if you have an actual light curtain, the system will not operate unless the light curtain is satisfied.
  • Lastly, we have the green and red on/off buttons for the saw blade portion and TigerStop portion.