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Default Password:

  • The password is set from the factory to the serial number of the machine – try that first
  • The serial number is stamped into the machine, see our service bulletin on “Where is My Serial Number?” to help you locate that

Service Password: 81550

  • This is a service password that we use (mostly to view or change the password)
  • This password will allow you to access the menu system, but will not allow you to change any settings that are double password protected, you will need to know your real password to change these settings.


Viewing or Changing the Password:

Version 4:

  • You can change your password by pressing ‘program list’, then ‘space calib’ and then ‘=’
  • It will ask for your current password (use ‘81550 and =’) and then you can set a new password. You will need to enter the new password twice

Version 5:

  • From the main screen press:
  • D-Show > A-Menu > Enter the 81550 password & = > C-Options > R arrow 1 time > Enter 81550 & =
  • It will show you the current password, as well as allow you to change it
  • To save the change, hit ‘=’ and then “done”