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There are three major components of accuracy:

  • Calibration – Simply put, calibration is telling the TigerStop the distance between your pusher foot and the zero point
  • Repeatability – The next biggest component is having repeatable results at one position
  • Scale – Lastly, scale is the mathematical factor between rotations of the motor, to linear movement of the carriage

Assuming no issues with the Tigerstop itself, we should always be able to get repeatable results at our calibrated position

How to test for repeatability:

  1. First we will make a test cut at a short position and calibrate our Tigerstop. Let’s say we tested for 10″, but measured at 10.125″, calibrate so your screen correctly says 10.125″
  2. Next, we will send the carriage to the far end of the beam and back. We will do this at least 5 full trips down and back to simulate use
  3. Lastly, using our example from step 1, we will then move the positioner back to 10.125″. Make a test cut again and re-measure

What next?

  • If you are calibrated and getting repeatable results at your calibrated position, good, if you’re still having accuracy issues at this point, proceed to our section on Scale
  • If you are not getting repeatable results at your calibrated position, that’s often a sign of an issue somewhere. It’s often best to contact TigerStop technical support at this point for further guidance.