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There are three major components of accuracy, you will first want to confirm calibration and repeatability before you adjust scale:

  • Calibration – Simply put, calibration is telling the TigerStop the distance between your pusher foot and the zero point
  • Repeatability – The next biggest component is having repeatable results at one position
  • Scale – Lastly, scale is the mathematical factor between rotations of the motor, to linear movement of the carriage
    • For scaling a SawGear, please look here

What does a scale issue look like?

  • When you are calibrated at a short position and getting repeatable results at that short position, but you then start becoming more inaccurate the further away you go from that calibrated point
  • Scale is also related to belt tension and may require adjustment over time as the TigerStop belt becomes used and slightly stretched

**If you have a TigerStop product that uses a rack and pinion drive, you will want to check your scale against the machines default value. On these machines, the scale should never be changed.

How do I calculate my new scale?

  • The process for finding your new scale value is as follows:
    • Feel free to watch the video or see instructions below
    • Make a test cut on the short end and calibrate there.
    • Make a cut out along the beam as far as possible. Note what position you tried for, and what length you actually measured.
    • We then do a little math based on those numbers from step 2 to calculate our new scale.
      • (What we tried for / What we actually got)  x Current scale = New Scale
      • For example say we tried to cut at 120 inches, but we actually measured it to be 119.75 inches. And our current scale is 2.36205 (see instructions below for finding our scale setting)
        • (120/119.75) x 2.36205 = 2.36698  this is our new scale value. This should never be a large change!
    • Once you have entered in the new scale value (see instructions below for finding this setting) we start the process over back at step one and repeat this until we are accurate at both the long and short end of our beam.
    • To summarize the process, you make a cut and calibrate based off the short position, but we calculate/change our scale based on the long cut.

How Do I Actually Change the Scale on my Machine?

Version 3.5-4.72 (Keypad will have green keys and a yellow program list button under the screen)

  • From the Ready screen we press:
    • 6 and 9 at the same time, release after a second and we should see Calib/Scale and a value
    • Enter new scale value and press =

Version 5+ (Keypad will have ABCD buttons under the screen)

  • From the ready screen press:
    • D for Show
    • A for Menu, followed by password and = (password is typically your SN)
    • A for Setup
    • Use the blue arrow keys on the top to scroll until you see Scale on your top line
    • Enter your password again followed by = and you should then see a line asking for new value
    • Enter your new value and press =