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How to Scale a SawGear

Step One:

Unplug the power cable from the back of the SawGear powerhead and plug it back in

SG Power Input


Step Two:

Press the power button once, then hit the calibrate button twice in a row

power.calibrate buttons


Step Three:

You will now see “Working Length” flash on the screen and it will then display a number

sg working length screen

Step Four A:

First, let’s attempt to use the working length value that came from the factory. On the back side of the beam, on the main belt is a label with a working length value, first try to enter the value on your label. (Now skip to step five). After proceeding through the other steps, if you are still off, you’ll start over and proceed using Step Four B instead.

Sawgear working length label
(use value on your label, photo for reference only)

Step Four B:

If the long cuts are too long, increase the working length by 0.03 inches (.076mm). If the cuts are short, decrease the working length by 0.03 inches (0.76mm). Then press start to save the new number

Example: Our long cut is too long, so we would add .030 to our working length. 48.000 + .030 = 48.030

SG change working length

Step Five:

Press the Start button several times, stepping through the next options – continue until the carriage starts to move


Step Six:

The carriage will now move all the way to the far end and the display will read:

“Ready to work. Enter a dimension”

Enter a short dimension and press start

Make a cut and measure it

Hit the Calibrate button again and enter the measured dimension and press start

Move to a longer dimension, make a cut and measure it

Check that measurement against the dimension displayed on the screen.

If still off at this point, please repeat steps 1 through 6 as needed until accuracy is achieved