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One of the most important components of accuracy in a TigerStop is being properly calibrated.

Including calibration, there are three major components of accuracy:

  • Calibration – Simply put, calibration is telling the TigerStop the distance between your pusher foot and the zero point
  • Repeatability – The next biggest component is having repeatable results at one position
  • Scale – Lastly, scale is the mathematical factor between rotations of the motor, to linear movement of the carriage


For this section we will cover how to calibrate your machine.

  • First you’ll want to move your positioner to a shorter position and make a test cut and measure.
  • Next follow the steps below to calibrate your machine:
    • Version 5+:
      • From the main screen press:
        • D for Show
        • A for Menu, followed by password and =
        • A for Setup
        • The first screen here is where we enter in the measurement of our test cut, followed by =
      • Here is a video on how to do this!
    • Version 3.5-4.72:
      • From the main screen press:
        • Program List
        • Space Cal
        • 2
        • You should be a screen that says M4 Dist From Zero
        • Enter in your measurement followed by =

You should now be calibrated, please read the sections on the other major components of accuracy as well if you’re still having issues.