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The most common error codes you may find are the following:

  • FixDM: Saw not safe: This error code means your tool at rest sensor/limit switch is not being properly seen as it should be when the tool is at rest
    • This can be either an issue with how the sensor is mounted, or an issue with the sensor itself.
    • We can check for signaling in our diagnostic mode (see video below on how to use/access boot diagnostics).
      • If you have a physical rocker switch, you can actuate the tool or the switch itself to see if you see DM while in the diagnostic mode.
      • If you have a magnetic sensor for a tool at rest sensor, you can wave a piece of metal in front of the sensor itself.
      • While the tool is at rest, we want to see DM, when the tool is cycling, DM should disappear.

*To access boot diagnostics in version 3.5-4.72, hold down the program list button while powering up instead of the stop button

  • XDM: This error message will be present in the top left corner of your screen. This is similar to the above FixDM message. It is related to the tool at rest sensor.
  • X: Also referred to as an X-out. You will see this in the top left corner of the screen next to a rotating bar. When this occurs, simply put, it means the Tigerstop encountered something it did not expect and has disabled the drive to protect itself as well as protect you. Depending on the cause, a simple power cycle may put things back to normal.
    • Potential Causes for this:
      • Jamming/crashing
      • Trying to push too much weight
      • Mechanical issues causing the machine to have to work too hard
      • Triggering your tool at rest sensor too rapidly
      • Encoder Issues
      • Motor Issues
      • Amplifier Issues
      • Wrong End Sensor Detected
      • Scale/Speed Values Off
  • Min/Max Limit: This error message occurs when you attempt to send the Tigerstop to a position that is outside it’s minimum or maximum allowable range. When you first setup your Tigerstop, you run a routine called Find the End Limits, which teaches the Tigerstop it’s possible range. From there it is based on calibration, so if your calibration is very far off, it will also throw off your min/max limit values.
  • NOT SAFE (TigerSaws Only): You may see this error code as FixDM: Saw Not Safe, if so, please see above. If you see only NOT SAFE, this is typically related to either the air pressure, lube mist, or light curtain. Once you have corrected the issue, press the stop button on the green keypad to make the message go away and you can now resume operation.
    • For air pressure – ensure you have proper PSI on the regulator
    • For lube mist – ensure you have enough lubricant in the tank so the bobber floats
    • For light curtain – reset your light curtain.
  • Drive Disabled: If you see this on your TigerTouch screen, it is most likely related to one of the other issues listed above, please check the green keypad screen to see if you see any of the above messages.
  • Home Err Stg or HES (version 3.5-4.72 only): An error message of Home Err Stg or HES will have various numbers 1-5 at the end, but they all represent the same issue. An error during the home routine. There are really only 4 culprits with this error message type.
    • End Sensor Issues – See above on using boot diagnostics to test end sensors, you will have to push carriage by hand
    • Encoder Issues – Also reference above video on using boot diagnostics. Note, the encoder values are reversed in Version 4 vs Version 5. In version 3.5-4.72, the encoder values should grow in the negative direction as you move towards the far end, and positive as you move towards the tool
    • Motor Issues – Click here to go to our page on running a motor test
    • Amplifier Issues – We don’t have a test specifically for this, it’s a matter of ruling everything else out, feel free to call Tigerstop Technical Support for assistance at this point