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    Troubleshooting + FAQ

    How Do I Test an AC Motor?

    Motor should be removed from machine

    Items Required:
    Multimeter & AC Motor Cable Pinout document

    Test One – Cogging:
    Rotate motor by hand, it must turn freely with a small amount of cogging. The motor will not produce the required amount of power without cogging. If no cogging, then FAIL.

    Test Two – Short:
    Tie all 3 drive wires together and rotate the motor by hand. It should be hard to rotate. If not, FAIL.

    Test Three – Voltage:
    Set multimeter to measure DC voltage connected to M1 & M2, Rotating the motor by hand, should produce a voltage reading on the multimeter. If no voltage, FAIL. Repeat between all phases (M1 & M3, M2 & M3).

    Test Four – Open:
    Set multimeter to measure resistance Ω. Measure from each phase to motor case. If readings show
    anything other than OL or infinate, then FAIL.

    Test Five – Resistance:
    Set multimeter to measure resistance Ω. Measure between all phases (M1 & M2, M1 & M3, M2 & M3)
    Readings should be around 2-4 ohms. If not, then FAIL.

    Do you ship worldwide?

    Yes, TigerStop can ship anywhere in the world from our Vancouver, Washington factory or our Wierden, Netherlands factory.

    Why won't my display turn on?

    There are a number of reasons that a display won’t turn on, mostly having to do with power reaching the screen. It is easy to verify that power is reaching the screen.

    On a SawGear, the LCD screen is back lit if it is receiving power. On our other machines, there is a small LED immediately to the right of the TigerStop logo on the keypad. That LED will be lit green if power is reaching the keypad.

    Why is my LED screen flashing?

    This frequently means that the safety chain is not functioning properly on an Advanced Interconnect Kit (AIK). Pull the kill line, push the E-stop, and then reset both to the safe position. If your AIK has a large box with a clear plastic top, then you’ll also need to push the blue ‘safety reset’ button on that box.

    Why is my LED screen off?

    If the LED is off start by checking power into the machine. Use a multi meter set to AC voltage, and measure the power as it leaves the wall or on the power cable as it enters the amplifier (or the SawGear Powerhead). DO NOT unseal and open the amplifier for this step, or at any other time while the amplifier is plugged in.

    Check the fuses by removing them, one at a time, and testing for continuity with a multi meter. If your amplifier is silver, then there is likely a fuse drawer on the outside of the amplifier where the power cable plugs in (8A, 250V, fast-acting). The other fuses are located inside the amplifier. DO NOT open the amplifier until the power cable has been unplugged. See the Amplifier Installation Guide for complete instructions. You’ll find a row of two or three fuses (1A, 250V, fast-acting) on the exposed edge of the amplifier. If the amplifier has no fuse drawer, then there is also a single fuse (8A, 250V, fast-acting) near the bottom edge of the circuit board, between incoming power and the round tower capacitors. The SawGear Powerhead has no internal fuses, but there is a fuse drawer as on the modern amplifier.

    If the LED is off, power is reaching the amplifier, and all of the fuses are good, then it’s time to check for power leaving the amplifier. Make sure the amplifier is sealed, plugged in, and turned on. Use your multi meter to measure DC voltage on the six pin circular port on the back of the amplifier. Be careful not to bridge between the pins with your probe, as this can blow a 1A fuse. Measure between the center pin and the first pin counter-clockwise from the notch (i.e. the first pin counterclockwise from the gap between pins). You should see a steady ~24VDC (20-28V is fine). If you don’t, it’s time to replace the amplifier.

    On a SawGear; if you verify fuses and incoming power but the display isn’t back lit, then it’s time to replace the Power Head. You may order a new replacement power head here.

    If the LED is off, but power is leaving the amplifier, then there is most likely a problem with the controller cable or with the controller. If additional working TigerStops are available, test the suspect controller and the suspect cable in those systems (separately). If not, ring out the cable and then replace the controller if the cable tests well.
    If the screen doesn’t power up, but TigerStop seems to respond normally to commands, the screen contrast may be set incorrectly. You can restore factory settings to reset the contrast. This is also a good thing to try when a SawGear is back lit but the display doesn’t light up. Restore factory settings.


    Manuals + Downloads

    Enable Your Machine

    To power up a brand new machine, you will need an enable code. To receive one, please scroll down and fill out the Warranty Registration Form in the next section. You will need to know your machine’s serial number to do so. Watch the below video to locate your serial number.

    Your enable code will be e-mailed to you by the Customer Service Department during business hours Monday-Friday 6am-4pm PST. Your machine’s warranty begins on the date that you receive your enable code.

    Warranty Registration

    Your machine warranty begins on the date that you fill in the Warranty Registration form. So please fill out the below form and click the submit button at the bottom.

    TigerStop’s customer service department will verify your form during business hours Monday-Friday 8am – 5pm (F 4pm).

    Warranty Registration

      • Email address mechanic during installation (also for receiving the enable code)
      • Email address mechanic during installation (also for receiving the enable code)

    • Each TigerStop product is warranted against defects in material and workmanship for a period of twelve (12) months from the date the product is enabled or the equivalent of 2080 hours of production use, whichever shall first occur. In the event that a product is not enabled within thirty six (36) months from shipment date the warranty shall lapse. If a product is enabled before thirty six months (36) and after thirty (30) months, the warranty shall be in effect until thirty six (36) months from shipment date.

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