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TigerSaw Miter
+/- 0,1 Degree
Miter Accuracy
0,3 mm
Repeatable Accuracy
500 mm
Saw Blade
Wood + Non-Ferrous Metals

TigerSaw Miter

TigerSaw Miter™ is a fully automatic push-feed upcut saw system for cutting miter angles on aluminum, copper, fiberglass, wood, plastics, and more.


  • Mitering accuracy of +/- .1°
  • TigerLink 6 Cut List Downloading Software
  • TigerTouch touch screen control
  • Turn speed of 3 seconds when moving from -45° to 45°
  • Self-adjusting front fence
  • Unist brand lubrication system for processing non-ferrous material
  • Label printing
  • Great for cutting non-ferrous, wood, and plastic material
  • Dual dust extraction in both the blade compartment and the top cap
  • 500mm saw blade
  • 5.5 kW (7.5 HP)

Fully Automated Saw Systems For Cutting Miters

Increase Accuracy

Quickly and accurately cut miters to a tolerance of +/- .1° with TigerSaw Miter. Forget manually measuring, marking material, and positioning a miter saw. TigerSaw Miter accurately push feeds material and cuts parts to the desired length every time.

Reduce Scrap

Raw material costs are extremely high. Operators can’t afford to scrap perfectly good material due to inaccuracies and human error. TigerSaw Miter eliminates scrap waste with its
fast and accurate positioning and adds dollars back onto your bottom line.

Self-Adjusting Front Fence

The front fence ensures material stays flush against the back fence as it is being fed out of the saw. It automatically moves out of the way of the saw blade so there is never any risk of collision.

Reduce Labor

Many operators will cut all of their straight lengths to size and then re-handle the same material to cut miter angles. Not anymore.


Style and Design Meet Durability

TigerSaw Miter tables are pinch free and made out of cold rolled steel. Choose from a wide array of styles and depths including steel roller tables, plastic roller tables, and 10° tilted tables.



Total Control at Your Fingertips

Cut List Downloading

TigerStop has extensive experience handling work orders and cut list data. Using TigerStop’s Cut List Downloading Software, TigerLink 6, you can download cut lists or part lists from your network and send them to your TigerStops using Ethernet cables. You no longer have to use messy paper cut lists.


Any TigerStop can be enhanced with cutting edge touch screen control with TigerTouch. Using the TigerTouch touch screen controller, you can download an infinite number of cut lists, display three cut lists at a time for easy switching between work orders, and view statistics such as job status, remnants, remaining parts, and yield.

Your Industry, Your Materials, Our Solutions

From local makers to large manufacturing plants, woodworkers to aerospace engineers, we know your business depends on your operators being able to be fast and accurate… every time.

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