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TigerSaw 2000™
+/- 0,3 mm
600 kg
Max Pushing Capacity
24 meter
Max Length
Non-Ferrous Metal

TigerSaw 2000™

TigerSaw 2000™ is the perfect fully automated self-optimizing push feed saw station for fast and accurate cutting of non-ferrous metals. Increases yield, accuracy, and productivity at the best value point in the industry, with uncompromising quality.

TigerSaw 2000™ Features

  • Industry leading Spray Mist Coolant System™
  • Adjustable Cutting Envelope
  • Variable Frequency Drive for Adjustable RPM
  • Best in class material optimization with
    Dynamic Optimization™
  • Advanced dust collection
  • Push up to 80 kg using TigerStop and 600 kg using HeavyDuty
  • TigerLink 6 Cut List Downloading software
  • Downloading patterns
  • Fast lead times!

Compete with the Best in the Business

Improved Yields

Dynamic Optimization™ software comes standard and automatically determines the best yield from your cut list. Improved material yield saves money and reduces waste. It allows operators to optimize perfectly, because TigerSaw 2000 is doing the math.

Crayon Defect Marking

Operators use a UV Crayon to mark defects in the material. This fully automated saw system cuts around those defects and optimizes the clear material while cutting parts.

Unparalleled Cut Quality

When sawing, heat is generated at the teeth of the blade and then transmitted throughout the blade. Too much heat can damage the blade and yield poor cut quality. TigerSaw 2000 has a patented lube mist system that supplies lubrication right at the point of heat generation to lengthen the life of the blade and provide a better cut quality.

Process Pack/Bundles

Cutting bundles dramatically increases throughput (i.e. cutting ten parts at once increases production tenfold). TigerSaw 2000’s adjustable cutting envelope can accommodate pack sizes from 152.4 mm x 152.4 mm to 25.4 mm x 406.4 mm envelopes and the HeavyDuty can push loads up to 600 kg.


Style and Design Meet Durability

TigerSaw 2000 tables are pinch free and designed from cold rolled steel. Choose from a wide array of styles and depths including steel roller tables, plastic roller tables, and 10° tilted tables.


The Software You Need To Succeed

Dynamic Optimization™

Dynamic Optimization software gives you the best yield by determining the optimal cutting order from your parts list. Improved material yield saves money on raw material and reduces scrap waste. Pair Dynamic Optimization with a laser scanning and defecting pusher foot for even greater throughput.

Report Generation

Reports can be saved in .PDF file format. Custom reports are now possible if the customer’s IT department can tap into our SQL database. TigerStop can provide database schema.

Simulation Tools

Every time a piece of material is run through the TigerSaw 2000, material information is stored, including material length and defects detected. This allows the operator to create an order and run the previously run material against the order off-line. The operator will now know his yields before ever running a stick of material. This greatly assists in job costing.

Dynamic Pack Optimization

Dynamic Pack Optimization gives you the best yield by determining the optimal cutting order from your parts list. Improved material yield saves money on raw material and reduces scrap waste. It allows operators to optimize perfectly, because TigerSaw is doing the math.


Value Based Optimizing

This allows the operator to value items in a cut list individually. This will provide complete control over what’s produced first in a cut list even is the most “valuable” pieces are shorter in length.

Your Industry, Your Materials, Our Solutions

From local makers to large manufacturing plants, woodworkers to aerospace engineers, we know your business depends on your operators being able to be fast and accurate… every time.

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