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TigerAngle 3D

0,3 mm
Repeatable Accuracy
600 kg
Max. Pushing Capacity
24 meter
Max. Working Length
Complex Miter Sawing
Miter, Bevel, Tilt
0,1 Degree
Miter Accuracy

TigerAngle 3D

Miter sawing and bevel cutting compound angles is a complicated job. Setting lengths, setting angles, and checking takes a lot of time. With the help of the TigerAngle 3D, this can all be done a lot faster, easier, and more accurately than ever before.


  • Radial saw with automated angle adjustment
  • Suitable for processing wood and non-ferrous metal
  • Best software option to cut effortlessly all angles!
  • TigerLink 6 Cut List Downloading software
  • Safety screen is optional

Effortlessly cuts all angles

Easy and fast

Enter the parts and angles and the saw will move to the correct position and ensure that the parts are cut with the utmost precision. Our customers – without exception – experience a significant time savings compared to conventional sawing.

Large cutting envelope

Cut height at 90⁰: 200 mm | at 45⁰: 140 mm.
Miters: 45⁰- 90⁰ - 25⁰.
Bevel/tilt: 60⁰- 90⁰ - 30⁰.

Work efficiently

The TigerAngle 3D can be equipped with intelligent Beamworks Software (optional). This software ensures that parts are cleverly arranged, placed or rotated. This makes cutting angles simple, efficient and precise!

Prevent rework

The Beamworks software controls your sawing process, preventing errors and expensive rework. The TigerStop positions quickly to the desired length, with a repeat accuracy of +/- 0.3 mm. Thanks to this precision, less post-processing is required and every employee becomes a professional.


Style and Design Meet Durability

TigerStop tables are pinch free and designed from cold rolled steel. Choose from a wide array of styles and depths including steel roller tables and plastic roller tables.


Simple Solutions to Your Productivity Problems


The TigerAngle has handy Beamworks software (optional). This software offers unique possibilities, for example for complex (double) miter sawing. You enter your saw list or download the saw list on the large touch screen. The machine arranges the pieces so that you achieve the best return. This means that individual operation on the TigerStop consoles is no longer necessary. Everything is well organized and is centrally operated with visualization of the products. The system offers many possibilities, some of which are optional. These include: optimizing sawing lists, controlling multiple tools (for sawing and drilling), downloading lists and controlling a printer.


Cut List Downloading

TigerStop has extensive experience handling work orders and cut list data. Using TigerStop’s Cut List Downloading Software, TigerLink 6, you can download cut lists or part lists from your network and send them to your TigerStops using Ethernet cables. You no longer have to use messy paper cut lists.

Dynamic Optimization™

Dynamic Optimization software gives you the best yield by determining the optimal cutting order from your parts list. Improved material yield saves money on raw material and reduces scrap waste. Pair Dynamic Optimization with a laser scanning and defecting pusher foot for even greater throughput.


The Right Tool For Any Job

Add accessories to your TigerAngle 3D now, or years from now. Let your TigerStop grow with your business. Shop all accessories here.

Label Printer

TigerStop's label printer prints custom part information on to 4" labels for each piece...

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TigerAngle Spring Buffer 1500mm

1500mm TigerStop Spring Buffer pusher foot for TigerAngle systems.

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TigerAngle Spring Buffer 1500mm

1500mm HeavyDuty Spring Buffer pusher foot for TigerAngle systems.

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