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SawGear Touch™

+/- 0,2 mm
Stop Only
Max Pushing Capacity
6,0 meter
Max Length

SawGear Touch™

Introducing SawGear Touch™ by TigerStop, a software feature-packed automated stop with touch screen control that easily adapts to existing saws to cut metal, wood, and plastics.  SawGear Touch™ includes Downloading Software, Optimization Software, Crown+MiterPro Software, full compatability with PyperServer Lyte, and more! Free yourself from tape measures and manual fences while producing more parts with increased accuracy today.


  • NEW Touch Screen Control
  • Easy Upgrade Path: Swap Out Your SawGear Power Head for the NEW SawGear Touch™
  • New and Improved Crown+Miter Pro Software for Crown Moulding, Trim, and Baseboard
  • Framing Software for Window and Doors/Picture Framing
  • Full compatability with PypeServer Lyte
  • Rabbet Compensation Software
  • Single Mitre Compensation Software
  • Cut List Downloading Software: Holds Infinite Lists
  • Dynamic Optimization Software
  • Label Printing Options
  • Increment Button
  • Easily Toggle Between Metric and Imperial Measurements
  • Convert Between Fraction and Decimals
  • Adapt to Upcut Saws, Cold Saws, Chop Saws, and More!
  • Works in English, Spanish, French, Dutch, and German
  • Repeatable Accuracy of +/- 2 mm

Touch Screen Automation For Any Sized Shop

Zero Set Up Time

Do away with “measure twice, cut once”. Stop relying on tape measures, manual stop blocks, and clamps in your manufacturing process.

Easy Upgrade Path

Simply swap out your old SawGear power head with the NEW SawGear Touch™ power head to access its amazing features and functionality!

100% Accuracy

The parts you cut today will be as accurate as the parts you cut next week, next month, and next year.

No More Rework

Quality control starts with SawGear Touch™ by TigerStop.

Increased Productivity

Keep your operators in the money making zone, cycling your saw, not walking back and forth measuring and marking material, double checking measurements, or worse, performing rework.

Easy to Operate

An unskilled operator can be trained to use a SawGear Touch™ to position material in under 10 minutes. A novice can learn to hang crown molding, trim, or baseboard, in less than 30 minutes!

Improved Yields

Raw material costs are rising. Using a SawGear Touch™ maximizes yields and adds profits to your bottom line.


SawGear Touch™ easily adapts to most cold saws, chop saws, miter saws, upcut saws, and more.


Form Meets Functionality

Add portable tables to your SawGear Touch setup and take accuracy and repeatability from the shop to the job site.

For stationary work add TigerStop tables to your SawGear Touch. TigerStop tables are pinch free and designed from cold rolled steel. Choose from a wide array of styles and depths including steel roller tables, plastic roller tables, and 10° tilted tables.

Not interested in tables? No problem! You can mount SawGear Touch directly to an existing workbench of choice.

SawGear Touch™ comes with many software features to keep you fast and accurate…every time

  • Cut List Downloading Software: Quickly Send Jobs to Your SawGear Touch For Processing
  • Optimization Software: Get Higher Yields Than Ever Before
  • Crown+Miter Pro Software: Now Anyone Can Easily Cut Crown Molding, Trim, and Baseboard
  • Framing Software + Rabbet Compensation: Great for Window and Door Manufacturers, Picture Framers, and More.
  • Single Miter Compensation Software: Stay Accurate When Mitering
  • PypeServer Lyte Full Compatability: Take Parts From Your Revit, AutoCAD, Plant 3D, and Inventor Design Models Directly to the Machine via the Cloud. When Paired With the SawGear Touch, PypeServer Lyte Gives Small- and Medium-Sized Mechanical Contractors Advanced Hanger, Plumbing, and Other Prefabrication Capabilities at a Breakthrough Price.

SawGear Touch Cust List Downloading

Download cut lists directly to you SawGear Touch. Pair it with SawGear Touch's Optimization Software for reduce scrap waste and increased yields.

Framing Software

Every SawGear Touch™ comes standard with Framing Software. The software calculates part angles, lengths, and rabbets so window & door manufacturers and picture framers don't have to do any complicated math to cut parts quickly and accurately.

Crown+Miter Pro™

SawGear Touch's Crown+Miter Pro software allows you to easily cut and install crown molding, panelling, trim, and baseboard.

SawGear Touch™ can be upgraded to include label printing. Easily keep track of jobs and finished cut parts. Sorting material will now be a breeze!

Label Printer

TigerStop's label printer prints custom part information on to 4" labels for each piece...

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SawGear Touch™ Videos

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SawGear Touch Product Video

Introducing SawGear Touch™ by TigerStop, a software feature-packed automated stop...

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Your Industry, Your Materials, Our Solutions

From local makers to large manufacturing plants, woodworkers to aerospace engineers, we know your business depends on your operators being fast and accurate… every time.

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