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TigerStop offers many automation solutions for those in the Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing Industries. Some of the biggest names out there utilize TigerStops to accurately position stock for increased throughput, reduced scrap waste, increased material yield, and to eliminate the use of tape measures and other manual processes. Automating the machinery you already have in your shop is not only affordable, it is a great way to make use of the space in your shop and to speed up the payback on your equipment. TigerStop products are fast and accurate… every time.


Whether you are cutting copper tube and pipe, stainless steel tubing, steel, Unistrut, all thread rod, cast iron, sheet metal, PVC, or plastic, TigerStop has a solution for you.

Product Recommendations

SawGear, TigerStop’s portable automated length stop, is great for onsite installations and prefabrication work. For those who would like additional communication abilities between your TigerStop and 3D BIM Modeling software, TigerTouch is a fantastic addition. TigerSaw 2000 is a fully automated solution for optimizing and cutting non-ferrous material like copper pipe and aluminum.


If you have any of the following machine tools or more, TigerStop has a solution for you.

  • Automatic Steel Saws
  • Drills
  • Bandsaws
  • Ironworkers
  • Cast Iron Snap Cutters
  • Tube Benders
  • Cold Saws/Wet Saws
  • Upcut Saws
  • Chop Saws


TigerSaw 2000

TigerSaw 2000 is the perfect automated saw station for cutting non-ferrous metals like aluminum faster and more accurately than manual approaches. It will increase yields, accuracy and productivity at the best value point in the industry.

TigerStop Automated Pusher

TigerStop® is an automated material pusher and stop that will turn your existing machine into a lean manufacturing asset. Take your operations to a whole new level with the product that started it all.

TigerStop for MEP

Cannistraro, Boston's largest MEP firm, uses a TigerRack with TigerTouch touch screen software to improve its prefabrication processes. Cannistraro has completely eliminated the use of tape measures, dramatically increased raw material yield with Dynamic Optimization software, reduced scrap waste, and doubled its cutting capacity.

TigerStop for Mechanical Contractors

Dynamic Systems, Inc. utilizes a TigerStop with Dynamic Optimization nesting software for processing copper pipe.

TigerStop for Prefabrication

Gallo Mechanical introduced a TigerStop automated positioner, coupled with TigerTouch nesting software and label printing, to its prefabrication shop. The accuracy achieved from its TigerStop has eliminated scrap waste and allowed Gallo to save 10% of its raw material costs on each and every job going forward.