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TigerStop’s 5 Finger Discount

What exactly is TigerStop’s Five Finger Discount? It’s a simple and easy way to remember the top five benefits of owning and operating a TigerStop length stop. When you consider all of the benefits and how they positively affect your bottom line, you’ll quickly realize how much of a steal it is to own a TigerStop.

Each benefit of The Five Finger Discount is represented by each of your five digits. The fingery kind of digits located on your hand. It’s a fairly easy way to remember the top five ways that TigerStop gives you a quick Return on Investment or R.O.I., with the palm of your hand signifying the payback dollars. If you can count to five, (it’s never too late to learn), you will have no problem learning TigerStop’s Five Finger Discount. Here we go.

Pinky Finger

zero set up time

The pinky finger. The baby of the family. Slim, trim, and easily overlooked in the mix. The pinky is not often considered in the same way machine set up is often overlooked as just another process one must complete to start the work orders for the day. Wrong! Don’t forget your pinky- or you might get it jammed while playing a furious game of tag or in a variety of other pinky specific accidents. That seeminglyinsignificant looking pinky is vital to properly sipping tea with the right snooty gusto, hanging loose, and a whole host of other activities.

Set up shouldn’t be overlooked either. Setting up a stop block, manual fence, or clamp, is a nuisance. Setting up each part for processing, i.e. pulling out your tape measure and marking, is also incredibly laborious and wastes a tremendous amount of time you could be spending sipping tea (or cutting parts).

With a TigerStop, set up is fast and accurate. The operator types in a dimension, presses the start button, and watches the TigerStop move to that exact position within 0,1 mm accuracy. And it’s repeatable every time without the need to make a test cut or use a tape measure for double checking. Think of all the time you will save now that you don’t have to manually measure and mark each piece prior to cutting (drilling, boring, punching, you name it). Plus, you won’t have to walk back and forth setting and re-setting fences every 10-15 cuts to ensure accuracy. Your steps will be hugely reduced. (Sorry to those with FitBits, the rest of you with sliding table saws will be especially overjoyed).


Ring Finger

TigerStop fast and accurate

Ah, the ring finger. A special finger with a great deal of significance. It’s the perfect finger to describe TigerStop’s most famous benefit- 100% accuracy. Because TigerStop is committed to giving you 100% accuracy. Sort of like a marriage. But less marriagey and no dishes, laundry, and in-laws involved. We repeat, there are no in-laws involved in the purchase of your TigerStop. This is a guarantee that we pride ourselves in. It’s probably written somewhere in our terms. If not, it definitely should be. It’s a metaphor people. Like if you are married to the job of producing accurately cut parts 100% of the time.

When you use a TigerStop you can trust that your parts with be produced to specification over and over again within .004 of an inch accuracy. Repeatable accuracy is the first step in ensuring proper Quality Control throughout the manufacturing process of your products.Accuracy from the get-go means less problems down the road. Which leads us to the next finger.

Middle Finger

reduces rework

This finger placement is no coincidence! What type of work is most likely to make you wield your mighty middle finger? That’s right team, rework. Rework is by far the most frustrating to encounter on the job. Worse than dropping your ice cream cone or people who chew with their mouths open.

Here at TigerStop we say “Heck No!” to rework. Because nobody has time for it. And what we mean by that, is nobody can afford it. Think of all the overtime hours and wages spent fixing mistakes. That’s a lot of money. Now think of all the work hours and wages spent when inaccuratelycut parts are sent downstream and workers in other departments have to stop what they are doing to fix the part, or send it back upstream, or worse, to halt production completely. That’s even more money down the tube.

When you use a TigerStop you won’t have to face rework because you and your crew of operators will only be producing good parts. All processes after that, like drilling, mortising, tennoning, painting, assembly, and packaging will be a summer’s breeze. Bye bye bottlenecks.

Index Finger

increased productivity

The elusive index finger. Useful in many scenarios- such as dancing, scratching your head, finger painting, speaking Italian, and having an ‘Aha!’ moment. But in this case, the index finger is especially pertinent when pointing out an incredible benefit of using a TigerStop: increasing your shop’s productivity.

The result of previous fingers, Zero Set Up Time and Accuracy, (see: Pinky and Ring fingers), is that operators will be able to put the pedal to the metal in terms of productivity. They will be able to stay in the money making zone (at the cutting station) and get in more cuts per day. No more dilly-dallying and walking back and forth to set up each different sized cut. No more inaccurately produced parts due to human error and tape measure associated disasters.

Every operator can become the shop’s best operator and produce times the amount of parts than before. Say adios to test cuts, forget about double checking parts “just in case”, kiss rework goodbye. The operator can stay in front of the machine cycling it another 200 or 300 times per shift, making the shop more money, and getting more product out the door.


improved yields

The largest ofphalanges clearly deserves the largest potential payback, which is why we saved the best for last. Increased yields means a lot of savings from money you have already spent. Raw material costs, in the majority of manufacturing environments, typically exceed 50% of all costs on Profit and Loss statements. True story.

Reducing these costs is like winning the lottery. That is, if you could control whether you won or not. (Side note: This is not an advertisement for playing the lottery. Quite the contrary. The probability of winning the lottery choosing 6 from 49 is 1/13,983,816. Not so terrific. But the probabilityof improving your yields with a TigerStop length stop is 1/1 or 100%. Not too shabby, eh.) So stop playing the lottery and bet your money on a TigerStop. Improving yields immediately adds dollars to your bottom line. You have already spent money paying for your material, so why not get the most product out of it?

Materials aren’t getting any cheaper in the near future, so reducing these costs is the fastest way to help your bottom line. But there’s more!If you decide to use Dynamic Optimization software in conjunction with your TigerStop, your yields will be even greater. We’ve seen yields of 30% or more, and to that we say ‘thumbs up!’

When You add All of the fingers up, what do you get?

Besides the numberfive (in a best case scenario), you get everything we mention below and then some:

  • More Money
  • Higher Profits
  • Reduced Scrap Waste
  • Higher Material Yields
  • Reduced Raw Material Costs
  • Less Operator Fatigue
  • Immediate Savings on Your Bottom Line
  • Better Margins
  • Lower Job Costs
  • On Time Shipping
  • No Work in Progress (W.I.P.) Inventory
  • More Jobs Coming in the Door
  • Happy Customers

But that’s not all. With every TigerStop purchase you receive something else far greater- a sense of trust and security that your operations will be running smoothly, accurately, and bottleneck free. Your purchase gives you access to top-notch field techs and service gurus available to assist at any point throughout your TigerStop experience. You can trust in your TigerStop equipment because it is time tested since 1994. It’s clearly evident in our incredibly loyal customer base, which is precisely how we have been able to supply the manufacturing community with well over 50.000 products.

But above all, when you use a TigerStop you become part of the TigerStop family. And that means you are actively participating in the TigerStop Mission: To Empower Local Manufacturers to be Globally Competitive. For more information about our mission, click here.