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Calcule fácilmente la rentabilidad de su negocio en herramientas y equipos. No importa si son de la marca TigerStop o no. Utilice la calculadora de retorno de la inversión para averiguar cuánto dinero, tiempo y trabajo se ahorrará en su próxima inversión en de equipos.

Labor Costs

$0 $200
0 500
Daily Labor Cost:

Material Costs

$0 $250
0 10,000
Daily Department Material Cost:

Rework Costs

0 500
$0 $500
Daily Cost of Rework:


$0 $500,000
0% 100%
0% 100%
0% 100%
0 365

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TigerStop provides this savings tool in good faith as a service to help customers in analyzing potential cost savings when purchasing and utilizing our products. Data provided for the calculation is the user's responsibility. We do not make any representations or warranties of any kind on the information provided. We also disclaim any liability or responsibility for the accuracy, correctness, or completeness of any information provided.

Annual Savings
Per Year
Net of Depreciation
Payback Period
6.8 Months
Net of Depreciation

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