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TigerAngle 3D

0,3 mm
Repeatable Accuracy
600 kg
Max. Pushing Capacity
24 meter
Max. Working Length
Miter, Bevel, Tilt
Complex Miter Sawing
0,1 Degree
Miter Accuracy

TigerAngle 3D


  • Radial saw with automated angle adjustment
  • Suitable for processing wood and non-ferrous metal
  • Best software option to cut effortlessly all angles!
  • TigerLink 6 Cut List Downloading software
  • Safety screen is optional

Miter sawing and bevel cutting compound angles is a complicated job. Setting lengths, setting angles, and checking takes a lot of time. With the help of the TigerAngle 3D, this can all be done a lot faster, easier, and more accurately than ever before.

Easy and fast

Enter the parts and angles and the saw will move to the correct position and ensure that the parts are cut with the utmost precision. Our customers – without exception – experience a significant time savings compared to conventional sawing.

Large cutting envelope

Cut height at 90⁰: 200 mm | at 45⁰: 140 mm.
Miters: 45⁰- 90⁰ - 25⁰.
Bevel/tilt: 60⁰- 90⁰ - 30⁰.

Work efficiently

The TigerAngle 3D can be equipped with intelligent Beamworks Software (optional). This software ensures that parts are cleverly arranged, placed or rotated. This makes cutting angles simple, efficient and precise!

Prevent rework

The Beamworks software controls your sawing process, preventing errors and expensive rework. The TigerStop positions quickly to the desired length, with a repeat accuracy of +/- 0,3 mm. Thanks to this precision, less post-processing is required and every employee becomes a professional.