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Compete Globally, Source Locally and Grow with TigerStop

At TigerStop, our mission is, «Empowering local manufacturers to be globally competitive.»

We do that on four core fronts:

  1. Technology
    Developing technologies that provide local manufacturers unparalleled performance.
  2. Environment
    Developing equipment that allows the best use of resources. Using lean manufacturing methods to manufacture equipment in-house.
  3. Community
    Building a community making automation flexible and easily implementable for local manufacturing.
  4. Education
    Educating local manufacturers in best practices to grow successful, sustainable businesses.


As part of the educational component of our mission, we maintain a blog. Our blog, called «Building a Better Workshop,» focuses on best practices for growing your manufacturing shop. Readers can find news, how-to guides, testimonials, industry insights, and forecasts. There are articles on technologies that increase shop efficiency and guides for adding automation and lean principles. We also add stories of successful practices from our customers in wood, metal, and plastic industries.

We have a lot of talent here at TigerStop and feature many writers from within the company, but we also call on some great guest bloggers. Our published articles focus on building a successful business that can compete globally and source locally.

So what does it mean to compete globally and source locally and why does it matter?

Compete Globally

We live in a global marketplace, and with labor cost variation and unfair import laws, manufacturers face increasing competition from cheap imports. Even if you’re just competing with the guy down the street, you still have the cost of raw materials, the invasion of big-box store solutions, and an unskilled labor pool to contend with. Now, more than ever, you need to be smart and work more efficiently with what you have.

Competing means implementing automation technology and lean practices to increase production with faster lead times without sacrificing quality. That is a big challenge. It is what TigerStop lives for; it is at the heart of all our products.

Source Locally

Sourcing locally is about being sustainable and helping your local economy. It’s also about control. You have little control over the cost of raw materials. If you can process more material closer to your location and more efficiently, you can cut out the middle man and reduce the risk of market fluctuations. TigerStop products can help you achieve this. For example, TigerStops allow cabinet shops to defect lumber in-house and purchase lower grade, and therefore cheaper, lumber than ever before.

We’re here to share best practices, educational materials, and advice from the front lines. And most importantly, to learn with you.

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