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    Fehlerbehebung & Häufig gestellte Fragen

    How do I use boot diagnostics to troubleshoot my machine?

    Boot diagnostics is a simple toolset for checking basic functionality on your TigerStop. Boot diagnostics is not available on SawGear or on electronics earlier than version 3.50. If you have a SawGear, try repeating the first power up (page 10 of the install guide). This solves many startup problems. Another troubleshooting tactic is to separate the Powerhead from the measuring bar to see whether either of them acts up independently. Watch the boot diagnostics video below.

    Why won't my positioner move?

    There are many reasons why a TigerStop brand machine may stop in the middle of a move. Here is a list of common x out causes and their fixes.  You may be suffering from an end sensor problem, a minimum limit problem, calibration problem, or a mechanical issue.

    • Check Minumum/Maximum Limit settings here.
    • Use the Motor/Belt Replacement Guide to disassemble your TigerStop and check for debris.
    • Test your End Sensors here.
    • If the above options don’t work please contact
    Why is my positioner inaccurate?

    There are many reasons why you may be suffering from inaccuracies. Troubleshooting accuracy problems can be complicated, but if you follow this guide closely, you can solve any issue you are having.

    Check part square
    If you are cutting parts, check to make sure the cut end of the part is square. An unsquare part can be a sign that the accuracy issue is being caused by inadequate clamping or from the part moving during processing. An unsquare part can also be a sign of excessive saw blade run out. The TigerStop may also be mounted unsquare to the blade.

    Check the TigerStop pusher attachment
    The pusher attachment mounted to the TigerStop carriage may have mechanical play if not mounted properly. This can cause accuracy and part square issues. A quick way to check for this is to try and wiggle the TigerStop pusher attachment by hand. If you get any front-to-back movement, you will want to remount the pusher attachment. If you still have play, then you may need to check the flip away mounting or check the belt to ensure you don’t have any damage. See the TigerStop Installation Guide and the TigerStop Belt and Motor Replacement Guide for instructions.

    Check the saw tolerance
    In some situations, accuracy problems can be caused by the saw that TigerStop is mounted to. To check the saw:

    a. Move TigerStop to a short distance.
    b. Cut 6 parts, without moving TigerStop.
    Note: You will be using TigerStop as a stop for this exercise
    c. Using a caliper, measure each part. Each part should be the same length. If there is any deviation, make sure it is within your saws specified tolerance. If the parts are beyond your saws stated tolerance, you know your accuracy issue is, at least in part, caused by the saw.

    Does the accuracy problem happen only when running a parts list?

    If you are running a pusher or pattern part list, does your accuracy issue only happen when inside these lists but its accurate in manual mode? TigerStop handles accuracy differently in manual mode than it does inside a pusher or pattern parts lists. If this sounds like your accuracy issue, you will want to check and set the Kerf setting. Use the TigerStop Version 3.50 – 4.72 Users Guide or the TigerStop Version 5 Users Guide for full instructions on how to set your Kerf setting. Note: SawGear doesn’t push material, so it will not have a kerf setting.

    Is the accuracy always off by the same amount at any location?If the TigerStop is not accurate by the same amount, no matter the location, then you will need to adjust your calibration. Use the TigerStop Version 3.50 – 4.72 Quick Reference Card, TigerStop Version 5 Quick Reference Card or the SawGear Quick Reference Card for full instructions on how to calibrate your machine.

    Is the accuracy consistently off the farther out you go?
    If the TigerStop accuracy gets consistently worse the farther out you go, then you may need to re-tension your belt and adjust your scale setting. Over time, the TigerStop and SawGear belt will wear and need to be re-tensioned. Use the TigerStop Belt and Motor Replacement Guide or the TigerTurbo Belt Replacement Guide to re-tension and scale your machine. If you have a TigerStop product that uses a rack and pinion drive, you will want to check your scale against the machines default value. On these machines, the scale should never be changed.

    Fill out a TigerStop Data Log
    If the accuracy problem doesn’t seem to be caused by one of the causes listed, then you should fill out a TigerStop data log. The data log is a worksheet that will have you send TigerStop to a number of locations and then record data at each location. Download the Data Log in the Service section of the website under Downloads or search for „data log“. Read the instructions and be sure to fill it out completely. Once finished, email the data log to

    Can I use a TigerStop on the left or right side of a tool?

    Some TigerStop products are ambidextrous, but are shipped from the factory as a right or left hand machine. To use TigerStop in the opposite direction, follow the instructions in the TigerStop Installation Manual  on page 8 and 16. The Installation Manual is found in the Downloads section of the Service page online under Product & Accessory Installation Manuals.

    To see examples of a TigerStop on the left or right side of a tool visit the TigerStop configurator by CLICKING HERE. 

    What is that high-pitched noise coming from my TigerStop?

    This noise is completely normal. You will frequently hear this high-pitched whiny noise when the TigerStop is holding at a constant position.

    Most tooling processes are louder than this noise, but if you want the noise to stop while you’re doing quieter work in the shop, you can use the ‘sleep’ functionality to make the noise stop. The easiest way to access (and exit) the sleep mode is by using the power button on the keypad. Sleep mode can also be activated based on a timer. Sleep is not available on version 4 and earlier electronics.

    Be aware that while the machine is asleep, it will not hold its position. In other words, you’ll be able to manually move the positioner and it will not return to the original position. However, it will track this motion and reflect the proper position upon awakening.

    The sleep timer setting puts the machine to sleep after a given amount of time. On most of our machines, the sleep timer is set in seconds. It is accessed via the ‘options’ menu. On a SawGear, the sleep timer is set in minutes. It is accessed by pressing ‘D’ button followed by the power button. Setting the timer to zero on any machine prevents sleep mode from automatically occurring.


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