What You Need to Know About an I/O Pin - TigerStop

What You Need to Know About an I/O Pin

The TigerStop has 8 I/O pins. What are they and how can they be used? Each I/O pin is both an input and an output and can be used as both at the same time. Input pins are used to read the outside world and output pins are used to control the outside world.

How Does an I/O Pin Work?what-you-need-to-know-about-an-io-pin

Input pins are designed to read dry contacts, meaning they don’t need external voltage to work. Connect your relay, switch, or open collector NPN transistor to the input pin and common. Then you can read the switch condition via serial I/O commands. Inputs can also be driven with up to 24-volt signals, but the logic threshold is still 2.0 volts or less for a 0 logic state and 3.0 volts or higher for a 1 logic state.

Output pins function as a “neutral switch,” meaning one side of your output device is connected to the +24 from the 6- or 8-pin connector and the other to the output pin. Max sink current for any one output is 0.5 amps, with a max for all outputs of 1.0 amps.

The 24-volt supply is fused inside with internal replaceable fuse F1 (20mm glass 1 amp 250-volt fast blow).

Inputs and outputs are connected to the same pin for each of the 8 bits. With this connection, any pin can be used as both input and output, and you can read your outputs for test reasons.

version4icon-18h.jpg There can be two I/O connectors on a TigerStop Amp 2C. All TigerStops come with one 6-pin connector and an optional 8-pin.

version4icon-18h.jpg The logic of all I/O pins can be set via the Service menu in the controller.

6 Pin

  1. 24 vdc
  2. IO bit 1 Tool Enable on SIK’s, Tool Move on AIK’s Out
  3. IO bit 3 Dead-Man input
  4. IO bit 4 Footswitch input
  5. IO bit 2 Top proximity sensor input
  6. Common

8 Pin

  1. 24 vdc
  2. IO bit 3 Same as 6-pin bit 3
  3. IO bit 4 Same as 6-pin bit 4
  4. IO bit 5 Beeper & Light Out
  5. IO bit 6 Tiger Measure input Input and Image Print Signal
  6. IO bit 7 Clamp 1 Out
  7. IO bit 8 Clamp 2 Out
  8. Common