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TigerStop Functionality You Never Knew Existed

We came up with a list of all the things you can do with a TigerStop. The big question is—did we miss anything?What are you doing with your TigerStop?

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Basic Functions

  • Move it to position.
  • Push, push, push. Every TigerStop can be used as a pusher—some up to 2,100 pounds!
  • Enter a value in feet, inches, decimals, fractions, or millimeters; hit the start button; and watch the stop move to a fixed position from the tool.
  • Save a list of material sizes.
  • Scroll through an entered list of parts, and manually enter or download a cut list.
  • Position a fixed distance from the saw (use it as a stop).
  • Use it to count parts as they’re cut from an entered list.
  • Push feed a list of parts and compensate for the saw blade kerf.
  • Drill a pattern of holes either pushing or pulling.
  • Punch a pattern of holes either pushing or pulling.
  • Shear materials.
  • Use it as a positioner for bending material.
  • Use it on a tube and pipe bending machine.
  • Use it on a cast iron snap cutter.
  • Use it to do QC work raising blinds to specified heights.
  • Pull cable or wire out of spools to specific lengths.
  • Cut and print labels on materials from a downloaded list.
  • Download a list of parts to be cut with specific information to be printed on labels.
  • Download patterns with specific information to be printed on labels.
  • Download multiple patterns with operator information for the number and length of raw material to load in the machine.
  • Push feed multiple parts simultaneously Pack sawing.
  • Optimize pack or bundle cutting using Dynamic Pack Optimization.
  • Use the retract setting to protect your saw blades. When used with a Standard Interconnect Kit, TigerStop will push material. Then once the saw starts cycling, it will retract to give the material room to move during the cut.TigerStop™ Built-In calculator
  • Calculate a position with the built-in calculator and then move to that position.
  • Use built-in offsets that allow you to compensate for varying lengths.
  • Use Hot Keys for common dimensions. Hot Keys can be used in set point or in pusher mode, both with and without kerf.
  • Use the Increment feature to move the stop at a programmed small increment if needed.
  • Use the Jog feature. At the Ready Screen, press and hold the right or left arrow button to move your TigerStop.
  • Reverse the jog feature if need be. If the TigerStop is mounted with the motor away from the tool, the jog buttons will make the machine work backward. For example, holding the left arrow button will make the TigerStop go right and vise versa. The jog reverse setting makes the jog buttons work in the opposite direction.
  • Perform a quick calibration from the Ready Screen.
  • Work in English, Spanish, or French on any standard TigerStop. Work in English, Spanish, French, Dutch, and German on any standard SawGear. Your machine will make you choose your primary language when it’s first turned on. Switching languages is a breeze.
  • Use Sleep Mode. Sleep Mode turns off the motor while simultaneously tracking position. This means you can turn off the high-pitched motor noise when it’s not in use, but you won’t have to re-home when you wake it up.
  • Adjust screen contrast.
  • Use the safe zone on your TigerFence to warn users before going into a certain zone near the saw blade.
  • Use the Feed Hazard warning to warn users if they are trying to push too much material through the tool. Useful when a tool is up against a wall.
  • Toggle quickly between MM and IN on the Ready Screen.
  • Use the backoff functions to clear clamps before a tool operation.
  • Use the retract feature for operations that cause the material to move during processing. This offset works in both positive and negative. You can also retract in two ways: when the tool cycle begins and as soon as the material comes to position.TigerStop™ Saw retract feature
  • Specify whether you want the waste from a piece of material cut at the beginning of the material or at the end.
  • Use the built-in clamping logic with fully adjustable timers to suit any application. All you need is the IO-Panel. Both horizontal and swing clamp style.
  • Run infinite lists.
  • Use specific drill mode logic for drilling applications
  • Adjust the accel/decel ramp. Movement happens in a ramp. First, you accelerate, moving faster and faster (in inches per second squared) until you reach your target maximum speed. Then when you stop, you have to decelerate faster and faster (in inches per second squared) until you stop. The TigerStop has settings to let you control how fast you accelerate and how fast you decelerate, as well as being able to control the target maximum speed.
  • Delay movement using move delay. This setting lets you put in a pause before movement. This is set in milliseconds and when set, your TigerStop will wait to move by the specified time after pressing start or being told to move in some way.
  • Mount your TigerStop on any side of a tool right out of the box.
  • Mount your SawGear PowerHead on any side of your measuring bar.
  • Remove your SawGear PowerHead from the measuring bar for easy storage and transportation.
  • Use the SawGear cover to place a notepad.
  • Calculate miter angles for trim carpentry using your SawGear.
  • Use the safety feature on the SawGear to disengage the motor if something obstructs the pathway of the stop.

    Advanced Functions

  • Use a Standard Interconnect Kit, or SIK. You can interconnect with the tool that TigerStop is on. This tells you when the saw is cycling and allows you to go into an emergency stop if the saw cycles during TigerStop movement. Without an SIK, this would cause the TigerStop to jam.
  • Use an Advanced Interconnect Kit, or AIK. An AIK takes the SIK one step further. It has all of the safety precautions of an SIK, but allows your TigerStop to cycle the saw. Now you can run your TigerStop in full automatic mode, moving and cutting entire pieces of stock, by the press of a button.
  • Use your TigerStop with an IO Panel + SET to easily automate anything.
  • Use TigerStop’s Software Development Kit on GitHub to take your machine to new heights!
  • Tune your Optimizer to give you the yield/speed performance that you want.
  • Use TigerMeasure to measure stock lengths so users don’t have to enter them manually.
  • Configure Crayon Marking so that your TigerSaw 1000 will cut all the markings out of the finished defected pieces.
  • Scan a barcode to move to position.
  • Scan a barcode to build a cut list.
  • Use a telemeter to move to position.
  • Use a telemeter to build a cut list.