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Lean Manufacturing Makes Itzko Glass & Metal an Industry Leader

“TigerStop has allowed us to speed up production while not jeopardizing the safety of our employees. It has helped us complete 5-6 times the amount of work per year.”

– Colin Itzko, Founder & CEO, Itzko Glass & Metal

In 2008, Colin Itzko had a grand vision. He wanted to start a top-of-the-line commercial glazing firm of his own. It was smack-dab in the middle of the financial recession, but Colin was determined, and thus, Itzko Glass & Metal, or IGM, was born.

Thanks to hard work, top-quality results, and lean manufacturing, IGM is now one of the leading design-build glazing contractors in the country. Colin and his team of 20 design and engineer everything in-house and partner with architecture firms, developers, and general contractors to facilitate their common goal of constructing sustainable buildings throughout the region.

Colin was able to defy the odds thanks to his unwavering tenacity and, in part, his use of technology. He was an early adopter of social media and shared IGM content on various social networking platforms. “We were one of the first construction companies on Facebook back in 2010, as well as on Instagram. We made use of Social Media to showcase our work. We’ve found that this allows people from all over the world to see what we do and what we are capable of.”

Lean Manufacturing Technology

TigerStop on Aluminum Cutting Saw, Itzko Glass & Metal Shop

Not only does Itzko pride itself in being savvy online, but the company also uses leading lean manufacturing technology to produce excellent work. Colin explains, “IGM prides itself on the utilization of technology and integration of technology and new methods in all of our work.”

In 2011, the team incorporated TigerStop equipment into their production cycle with the goal of increasing production capacity. “Itzko Glass & Metal, Inc. (IGM) uses a TigerStop automated fence on our chop-saw for our non-ferrous metal fabrication. We have the ability to take shop drawings from preconstruction and update them with rough opening fabrication sizes after field measurement. We then kick this data into an IGM standardized Excel format which our employees use during fabrication.”

TigerStop equipment has integrated nicely into the IGM lean manufacturing process, and the employees have had success operating the equipment as well. Colin further explains, “Our TigerStop not only saves an abundance of time, it’s easy and trustworthy for our employees to use. I would say that having a TigerStop has allowed us to speed up production … it has helped us complete 5-6 times the amount of work per year.”

Making a Name in the Industry

Being able to complete many times the amount of work per year has allowed IGM to remain a key player in an increasingly competitive industry. “Having this device [TigerStop] helped set us apart from our competition while accelerating metal fabrication. It allows ANYONE to walk up, punch in a numerical value, and cut 1 or 1-million of the same size. It truly is phenomenal.”

Avalon Berkeley Project, Itzko Glass & Metal

Since 2010, the Itzko team has completed over 200 projects throughout Northern California. Quite an incredible feat considering the average project’s scope and the prestigious clientele IGM has acquired. Some of the more notable projects IGM has completed include storefronts, curtainwalls, and architectural windows & doors for Disney, Peet’s Coffee & Tea, REI, Chase Bank, Target, and Chipotle. “Itzko Glass & Metal, Inc. (IGM) utilizes TigerStop’s automated fence on EVERY project we are contracted on,” explains Colin. “We literally use it for EVERY single thing in relation to cutting.”

Paying It Forward

With all of the time saved with lean manufacturing using TigerStop equipment, you would think Itzko Glass & Metal team might kick back and relax on occasion. This is hardly the case. The company’s founder has done an incredible job giving back to the community and actively engaging IGM in charitable endeavors.

IGM is a proud supporter of the Adopt-a-Highway program with five locations in Northern California. They also support local sports teams. IGM was even featured on the ESPN highlight reel for their support of an Elite Skills Basketball Camp founded by DeMarcus Cousins of the Sacramento Kings. The camp supports underprivileged children and teaches important athletic and life skills to serve them on and off the court.

Colin Itzko’s impressive business acumen and philanthropic nature earned him a nomination as a finalist in the Sacramento Business Journal‘s “40 under 40.” He continues to defy the odds, and this December marks Itzko Glass & Metal’s 10th anniversary. Keep your eyes peeled—we will surely hear more from Itzko Glass & Metal in the future!

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