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G&E Cabinetry Leads with Personal Drive and TigerStop

“With the CNC, and TigerStop combination, we have turned our small 3 man shop into a shop that can compete with almost anyone on price and quality.” – Evan De Hoogh, Co-Owner of G&E Cabinetry in Sheldon, Iowa.

Here at TigerStop, we have been striving for over 21 years to manufacture innovative machinery solutions for a number of dynamic industries, big and small. We do this because we believe so firmly in our mission: To empower local manufacturers to be globally competitive. We believe that any business, regardless of size, can implement smart and affordable automation solutions into their manufacturing processes and compete with the best of the best out there.

G&E Cabinetry

Just take the De Hoogh brothers from Iowa for instance. Fifteen years ago Gered De Hoogh started a small cabinet shop on his parents’ property. It grew, and by 2002, Gered moved the small shop to a building in the town of Sheldon, in O’Brien County, Iowa. In 2008, Gered’s brother, Evan, joined the business full-time in an effort to take it to the next level. At the start of 2009, the De Hoogh brothers incorporated the business and officially became co-owners of the newly rebranded G&E Cabinetry, Inc. GE Cabinetry lumber stock cut with TigerStop.

With a growing business and increasing customer demand, the brothers have continued to look for ways to improve efficiencies around the shop. The addition of TigerStop equipment for cabinetry work made sense to Evan and Gered. “We build almost exclusively frame style residential cabinetry. So our main purpose for the TigerStop is cutting the cabinet frame parts, and the door rails and styles. The accuracy is incredible, and the waste reduction is almost unbelievable unless you see it. Knowing I will get maximum yield out of our door or frame stock is very comforting,” explains Evan.


Evan describes the changing landscape of the cabinetry business and a huge increase in competition. “This is a new chapter in the cabinetry business and it’s necessary to stay on top of the market in the NW Iowa region and beyond.” An upgrade in machinery was necessary to increase productivity and precision while reducing lead times.

New Times, New Tools

The brothers couldn’t continue to use their old miter box manual stop if they wanted to compete in the increasingly competitive cabinetry market. “Our old system of a box miter saw and a manual stop was a huge holdup. So much time measuring, setting the stop, triggering the miter saw, checking our manual cut list, back and forth, so on and so on. The time savings on the TigerStop was noticed immediately to where our finish booth is running all day, every day,” details Evan. In addition to their TigerStop, over the past five years, G&E Cabinetry has purchased woodworking equipment including CNC routers, industrial-grade wide belt sanders, edgebanders, and door shapers.

“Our main purpose for getting the TigerStop was reducing lead times and bottlenecks. Time is the big thing. With people on tighter and tighter budgets, all looking for more-for-less, any time we can reduce lead times and shop time is critical,” says Evan.

GE Cabinetry worker using TigerStop

More Than Just a Machine

Not only did the De Hoogh brothers invest in a reliable material stop, they opted for TigerStop’s Dynamic Optimization™ software. So what exactly does the aforementioned software provide and how does it work? TigerStop spoke with Evan De Hoogh and asked him to explain his process.

“We purchased a TigerStop with optimization and defecting software, both of which are obviously huge benefits and money savers. The optimization software is great. Basically instead of cutting parts longest to shortest like we used to do in order to minimize waste on the miter saw, now we just enter the stock length, say 96 inches, and the software automatically nests a group of rails or stiles, regardless of length, into the stock. This often leaves us with less than an inch of waste on each end. The software will also add up each part for you displaying how much stock needs to be ripped on the table saw. This has proven to be very accurate and minimizes user error, or unnecessary labor.”

Impeccable Results

GE Cabinetry cut with TigerStop in home wet bar.

So how does TigerStop’s Dynamic Optimization™ software compare to G&E Cabinetry’s previous process?

“The speed at which the software optimizes each part into the stock length is impressive and I would never go back to our old system. With the CNC, and TigerStop combination, we have turned our small 3 man shop into a shop that can compete with almost anyone on price and quality.

While the De Hoogh brothers’ shop may be small in number, it handily competes with the larger guys through careful implementation of smart machinery solutions and software coupled with an insatiable drive. G&E Cabinetry is a force to be reckoned with. The brothers have streamlined their manufacturing processes and eliminated bottlenecks with TigerStop equipment.

Today, the business is renowned for producing state-of-the-art design, quality construction, professional finishing, and second-to-none lead times. No wonder it has a perfect 5/5 stars on Facebook! Both Gered and Evan possess the drive and entrepreneurial spirit necessary to make a small business work in today’s economic environment. As customer demands continuously change, these two will continuously strive for improvement in quality and customer satisfaction.