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Sometimes Heroes Are Fully Automated: No Cape Necessary

If you thought your TigerStop was solely used for accurately positioning material—you thought wrong! Your TigerStop is actually a planet-saving transformer. What you get is so much more than meets the eye. Your TigerStop has a whole host of hidden talents, ranging from incredible pushing capacities up to 2,100 pounds, material yield increasing skills, scrap waste reduction abilities, and a plethora of fully automated software features. Behold the key to unlocking your TigerStop’s superpowers.

Your TigerStop has the power to transform into a fully automated lean manufacturing superhero using TigerStop’s patented interconnect kits. Think of each machine you unpack from its box as pure potential, as a Peter Parker, for example. We’ll show you how to maximize the ability of your TigerStop in this quick and painless article—no kryptonite, spider bites, gamma radiation, or other outlandish science experiments involved. For everyone else, here’s how to become a real-life superhero.

How to Transform Your TigerStop

Standard Interconnect Kit

To turn your TigerStop into a semi-automatic defender of all that is good and pure, look no further than the SIK, or Standard Interconnect Kit. The SIK, for semi-automatic processing, is supplied with every single TigerStop. You heard us correctly! All of ’em. So what does the SIK do exactly? Well, two things:

  1. It improves your safety
  2. It improves your productivity

When the SIK is installed on your tool, it prevents your machine from cycling while the TigerStop is in motion and the TigerStop from moving when the machine is cycling. While the Standard Interconnect Kit is primarily a safety interconnect, it does have additional productivity-enhancing benefits: it partially automates the cutting process.

With an SIK, your TigerStop moves to the next length or position without the operator having to hit the start button after entering each cut list, job, or dimension into the TigerStop controller. For an increased level of automation, utilizing TigerStop’s Cut List Downloading Software, you can send cut lists or jobs directly to the TigerStop, and the SIK will cycle through the list without you having to manually enter dimensions. In short, the SIK turns your TigerStop and machine tool, whether a saw, drill, or press, into a semi-automatic hero.

And just in case you already forgot, the Standard Interconnect Kit is supplied with every single TigerStop machine. Unlock the true power of your TigerStop with the SIK. Next up, the secret to fully automatic processing with your TigerStop.

Note: We have to put a warning in here for your own protection. Be responsible, people! Using a TigerStop SIK does not relieve you of the responsibility to ensure that your saw or other tools have all the necessary safety equipment in place.

Fully Automated Material Processing

Advanced Interconnect Kit

Even Batman has the Batmobile. That’s one of the reasons we created the Advanced Interconnect Kit (AIK), to give your TigerStop an extra boost of speed and productivity.

The AIK, or Advanced Interconnect Kit, allows for a fully automatic operation and consists of a safety relay box, I/O panel, safety line, mounting plate, footswitch, and safety cable chain.

The Advanced Interconnect facilitates precise control and coordination of movement between your TigerStop and your machine tool of choice. It does so using magnetic sensors to tell the TigerStop when the tool is not cycling (tool at rest sensors) and when the tool is at the peak of its stroke (tool at extension sensors).

Helpful tip: The exact mounting location of these sensors will be unique for each tool. You’ll want to mount the sensors so that they’re triggered by any piece of metal on the tool itself that moves with the tool as it cycles. For example, the saw’s arbor (metal) will trigger the sensors as it’s moving up and down.

Knowing how the sensors work with the tool will help you determine a mounting location. The sensors follow a specific set of instructions when the tool cycles. If the sensors trigger in the wrong order, the TigerStop goes into an emergency stop to ensure operator safety.

AIK’s Features Include

  • Preventing the movement of the tool when TigerStop is in motion or when the tool is not in a safe position.
  • Efficiently starting and stopping the tool’s action and enhancing its performance by controlling the supply of air to the tool using the air control solenoid.
  • Fully automating your TigerStop workstation (with proper safety guards on your saw or other machine tool of course!).

Cautionary word to the wise: Using a TigerStop AIK does not relieve you of the responsibility to ensure that your saw or other tool has all the necessary safety equipment in place.

Custom Fully Automatic PLC Length Stopsometimes-heroes-are-fully-automated-no-cape-necessary-tigerstop

One of TigerStop’s secret weapons lies in its innate ability to adapt to each customer’s specific needs. It’s a flexible platform and can become even more custom when programmed using a PLC and TigerStop’s handy sidekick, TigerSDK.

If you aren’t familiar with the lingo, PLC stands for Programmable Logic Controller. It’s just a fancy word for a type of logic-based digital computer. PLC’s are frequently used in manufacturing to control machinery on assembly lines. (Another favorite example would be, of course, the almighty vending machine. Who doesn’t love it when a robot shoots out Coca-Cola and Cheetos?)

You can program a PLC to control your machine tool and your TigerStop in a similar way that the AIK fully automates both systems. But, wait! There’s more! Using TigerStop’s Software Development Kit (TigerSDK), you can design custom applications and uses.

TigerStop’s SDK is essentially a set of power tools that make writing software for the TigerStop hardware platform a heck of a lot easier. The SDK includes an extensive library of commands that TigerStop uses when developing software for the TigerStop product line. You can find the open source code on TigerStop’s Git Hub Page here. 

If you have a background with PLCs, you can create custom fully automated applications for your TigerStop and your tool. In essence, using TigerSDK and a PLC is like being a superhero and having the ability to choose your own powers. Oh, the possibilities! We supply the TigerStop and the TigerSDK open-source tool kit, and you can program it to automate your tool using your own PLC to save the day. Think of all the potential in terms of increased productivity, reduced set-up times, reduced labor costs, and more.

To learn more about unlocking your TigerStop’s hidden powers, schedule a free consultation today. Your TigerStop is capable of so much more than you know!